UN Peace Keeping Missions




Our foreign policy is one of friendliness and goodwill towards all the nations of the world. We believe in the principle of honesty and fair play in national and international dealings and are prepared to make our utmost contribution to the promotion of peace and prosperity among the nations of the world. Pakistan will never be found lacking in extending its material and moral support to the oppressed and suppressed peoples of the world and in upholding the principles of the United Nations Charter.

Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Founder of Paki


In the wake of the new world power equilibrium a more complex security environment has emerged. It is characterized by growing national power politics and state implosions which have necessitated involvement of the United Nations peace keeping forces for conflict resolution. The United Nations has been undertaking peace keeping operations since its inception, but the need for employment of peace keeping forces has increased manifold since the Gulf War. In 1992 there were 11000 Blue Berets deployed around the world, by the end of the year the figure rose to 52000. Presently it exceeds a staggering figure of 80,000 troops.
Pakistan, which firmly believes in the purposes and the principles of the United Nations Charter has, since 1960, been actively participating in the United Nations multi-national efforts to maintain peace and order around the globe. Its contribution to United Nations peace-keeping has been as wide ranging a the varied cultural, geographic, political and security conditions in which it had to operate.


Pakistan’s participation in peace-keeping activities of the United Nations reflects its belief in the brotherhood of mankind and its commitment to peace across the globe. The humble contribution it has made in this regard bespeaks its desire to see the principles of human dignity, freedom and self-determination applied to all the peoples struggling to secure their inalienable basic rights.

Strength of Pakistani Troops in Current UN Peace Keeping Missions

Pakistan's participation in peacekeeping activities of the United Nations reflects its belief in the brotherhood of mankind and its commitment to peace across the globe. Ever since its participation in first UN Peace Keeping Mission in Congo in 1960.Pakistan has remain committed to this cause. Pakistan is currently participating in following UN missions.

Staff Officers/Observers

Pakistan Contribution in UN Peace Keeping Missions

United Nation Missions Year
UN Operation in Congo (ONUC)
UN Security Force in New Guinea, West Irian (UNSF)
UN Yemen Observer Mission Yemen (UNYOM)
UN Transition Assistance Group in Namibia (UNTAG)
UN Iraq-Kuwait Observer Mission (UNIKOM)
UN Mission in Haiti (UNMIH)
UN Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC)
UN Operations in Somalia (UNOSOM)
UN Protection Forces in Bosnia (UNPROFOR)
UN Observer Mission for Rawanda (UNAMIR)
UN Verification Mission in Angola (UNAVEM III)
UN Transitional Administration for Eastern Slavonia (UNTAES)
UN Mission of Observers in Prevlaka (UNMOP)
UN Assistance Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL)
UN Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET)
UN Mission in Democrative Republic of Congo (MONUC)
UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL)
UN Mission in Ivory Coast (ONUCI)
UN Mission in Burundi (ONUB)
UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS)
UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK)

UN Missions Hosted by Pakistan

Pakistan has hosted (including one being currently hosted, which is the longest in UN history) the following mission:

Mission Year
UN Military Observers Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP)
UN India Pakistan Observer Mission (UNIPON)
UN Good Offices Mission in Afghanistan and Pakistan (UNGOMAP)