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The Da Vinci Code Movie Review
8 out of 10 Stars
By: Jerrica

Let me preface what I am about to say by admitting that I've never read the book, and I don't pretend to know anything about it. While controversy and skepticism surround the premise of this movie, I can only answer that it is fiction and merely represents a creative interpretation of history and theology as it inspired author Dan Brown. That being said, I really enjoyed the mix of historical and religious debate woven into the story. It's a film about earth-shattering ideas, revolutionary discovery, and the wonder of things we will never really know for certain. Much of history is taken for granted, but this movie is about what happens when we question it, when we re-examine what we think is written in stone or textbooks, and when we realize upon digging deeper than just below the surface that things are not always as they seem.

Ron Howard's noble effort in bringing the "Code" to the big screen is a worthy one. Tom Hanks ("Philadelphia" and "Forrest Gump") and Audrey Tautou ("Amelie") make a great investigative team as the brilliant and reserved Professor Langdon and the audacious and determined Sophie. The clues begin and they keep on coming, leading you from puzzle to puzzle through an invisible labyrinth of lies and hidden truths. The power of faith is tested and explored as two factions strive towards the achievement of their own goals to serve what they each believe is the greater good. Jean Reno ("Mission: Impossible"), Ian McKellan ("X-Men"), and Paul Bettany ("A Beautiful Mind") all turn in strong performances pursuing their own agendas, all racing with or against Hanks and Tautou as friends become enemies and vice versa. Allies and enemies turn on their heads just as facts and circumstances.

At the heart of the plot, there is a secret so powerful that it could unravel the faith of millions if it were ever to come to light. What this secret is becomes the hunt for the greatest and most elusive artifact of all time and begs what exactly the missing treasure is and what it means. While Hanks and Tautou hit roadblock after roadblock, they struggle to break through barriers that have never before been breached to unearth information that has remained buried for almost two thousand years. The adventure is in the examination of truth and the search for answers, and it's a long and winding journey. One turn after another keeps the mystery fighting an uphill battle. Every character has a story and a purpose, and while part of the end is very predictable, the very ending is wholly satisfying and the last scene draws it all to a powerful close.

This is not "Indiana Jones" nor is it "The Passion of the Christ," and it is a work of fiction that merely poses ideas for consideration, not to challenge any established school of beliefs but to suggest that nothing, not even history itself, should be taken for granted. The pacing is slow and evenly so, but it is a premise founded upon the hypothetical and complex debate, and so much of that needs to be explained and presented for the benefit of the audience. Whether its fabricated for the screen or novel is not the point; the point to the exposition is to provide background to draw the audience into the world in which these are the stipulations.

This is a kind of fantasy, an intellectual adventure of sorts, and if you watch it with that in mind, you may be more likely to enjoy it for what it is, as I did. "So dark the con of man" is not just a clue; it's a message asking us to question everything because those we trust to lead us do not always do it honestly or honorably, and that is a message to which many of us can relate.

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