The Homecoming
From Apr 3, weeknights, 9pm

Four friends who were each jailed and caned for the same offence are reunited after years of separation. One of them believes another has betrayed him during their time behind bars and is determined to seek revenge… Stars Li Nanxing, Rayson Tan, Brandon Wong, Zheng Geping, Constance Song, Ong Ai Leng, Vivian Lai

From April 3, every Mon-Fri @ 9pm
Total no. of episodes: 20

Dong Weihong (Li Nanxing) has lived in the United States with his nine-year-old son Ryan for many years. They return to Singapore to renew his passport and to take a look around familiar places once again. By chance, Weihong runs into three of his good friends from many years ago. One of them is Huang Zhenfa (Zheng Geping), who has started a family and is running his own car dealership business. Another is Lai Guoqiang (Brandon Wong), who has just been released from prison after taking money to be a scapegoat for someone else. And the third is Chen Hanyuan (Rayson Tan), a lawyer.

The four friends, known as the Four Heavenly Kings many years ago, reminisce their wild past together over drinks. Because of their love for street racing, they had made enemies with street racing gangs and committed arson to destroy their enemies’ cars out of revenge.

Weihong, Zhenfa and Guoqiang were arrested and sentenced to jail and given three strokes of the cane each. Hanyuan was later arrested too. His father, a lawyer, did not want his son to be found guilty and so engaged a lawyer to fight the case. Hanyuan was told not to plead guilty to the charges and was sentenced to a heavier penalty of four strokes of the cane as a result.

Chen Hanyuan…

During prison term, Hanyuan’s father fell sick and passed away. Hanyuan was filled with sadness and remorse, as well as hatred because he knew that one of his three good friends had betrayed him. He worked hard to study law, passing many difficult examinations and finally earned his lawyer’s licence. By coincidence, Hanyuan becomes acquainted with Weihong’s first love Sessy (Constance Song), now a police officer. His romantic pursue is successful and they get married.

Hanyuan has connections with a secret society gang leader, Ah Long Jiu (Ye Shipin). The latter wants Hanyuan to use a scapegoat of his to plead guilty to a crime. Hanyuan thus discovers that Guoqiang has been doing this and for a long time as well.

Weihong and Zhenfa also find out about Guoqiang’s activities and try to stop him from continuing. Their interference angers Ah Long Jiu and he takes action against them. Because of these incidents, Weihong finally meets Sessy. This stirs up conflicting emotions within him.

Hanyuan is misled into believing that Sessy is having an affair with Weihong. This, together with the caning he endured in the past, traumatises him and he slowly develops schizophrenia. Ruthless and unscrupulous as a lawyer, Hanyuan works out a pact with businesswoman Sandy (Ong Ai Leng) to strike down Sandy’s brother by denouncing him as a lawful inheritor of their late father’s properties.

Dong Weihong…

Zhenfa’s younger sister Qianyi (Vivian Lai) has always had feelings for Weihong. As they live in the same flat, a strange subtle relationship develops between them. While working in Zhenfa’s car dealership, Weihong runs into Sandy by accident. It turns out that Sandy was Weihong’s girlfriend in the United States and is Ryan’s birth mother as well. Sandy fears her past with Weihong would surface and affect the plans for her company to go public. Therefore, she tries to get rid of Weihong and his son with money, through Hanyuan. However, when Hanyuan knows this secret of hers, he betrays her instead.

Sessy uncovers the truth and is shocked to learn that her own husband has betrayed his own friend and is blackmailing his own client for a large sum of money.

Huang Zhenfa…

Hanyuan’s schizophrenia worsens and he tries to seek comfort in monetary gains to make up for his emptiness inside. What he fears even more is losing the lawyer’s license he has worked so hard for. However, instead of coming to his senses, he goes even further in his wrongdoings. He finally finds out that Zhenfa was the one who betrayed him in the past. He puts up an act with Zhenfa and even pretends to give him financial support to open a second car dealership. In actuality, Hanyuan secretly helps Guoqiang with car theft and export, and then calls the police to frame Zhenfa for the illegal automobile business.

Zhenfa is faced with Hanyuan’s hysterical interrogation of the past and is finally killed by Hanyuan. Weihong arrives at the scene after the crime has been committed and becomes the police’s biggest suspect. Sessy nevertheless believes that Weihong is innocent and resigns from her job to hunt down evidence of her husband’s crime…

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