The Crow Wicked Prayer: Star Edward Furlong
By: Elaine Lamkin

The Crow: Wicked Prayer
Fifteen Minutes with Edward Furlong
By Elaine Lamkin

At the tender age of 13, Edward Furlong hit movie screens in the role of a lifetime as John Connor in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”. Now, fifteen years and many films later, he has created another memorable character in Jimmy Cuervo, a “white trash” ex-con who is in love with a beautiful Native American, Lily (Emmanuelle Chriqui). But a group of Satanist bikers believe that by killing Jimmy and Lily, their leader, Luc (David Boreanaz) will actually become The Dark Prince himself. And it is up to the resurrected Jimmy, as The Crow, to stop Luc and his gang before all hell literally breaks loose. I had the opportunity to speak briefly with the animated and delightful Mr. Furlong and asked him a few questions.

BD:What attracted you to do “The Crow: Wicked Prayer”?

EF: I’ve been a fan of the original movie with Brandon Lee forever plus the opportunity to wear leather pants and wear makeup like I’m a member of KISS (laughs). Actually, I was just really struck by the story as this character (Jimmy Cuervo) has a history that other characters who have played The Crow didn’t have. And I get to be a badass.

BD:How did you go about creating the character of Jimmy Cuervo?

EF: I wanted him to be the “pissed-off” Crow. He didn’t want to come back from the dead but he did and he’s mad and he has to avenge his murder as well as Lily’s. And stop Luc from attaining his desire to be The Prince of Darkness.

BD:This film is different from the other “Crow” movies in that there is a lot of Native American lore in it. Do you have any Native American ties?

EF: I think so, on my mom’s side. I know I’m part Mexican and part Russian but I’m pretty sure there’s some Native American in there.

BD:Tell us about your next movie, “The Visitation”. It’s being described as a “thriller/drama/horror” movie.

EF: It’s a great film. Robby Henson directed it and it’s based on the novel by Frank Peretti. I would call it more of a “spiritual horror” movie. I play a stranger, Brandon Nichols, who shows up in this small rural town and weird but seemingly good things start happening but the local minister and two of the town’s residents, played by Kelly Lynch and Randy Travis start investigating and find out what’s really going on. 20th Century Fox has picked it up but I don’t know when it will be released.

BD:What other projects do you have lined up?

EF: I’ve done a couple of indie films I’m really stoked about. One is another horror film called “Cruel World” which is about a bunch of reality show contestants stalked by a maniac - who was voted off the reality show and didn’t take the news well - in a creepy mansion. Kelsey Howard directed that one. And the other is this great road trip movie called “Jimmy and Judy” which we filmed in Kentucky. It’s about two suburban kids who hit the road with a digital camera and document everything that happens to them. Right now, the producers are trying to find a distributor for the film.

BD:What is one thing about Edward Furlong you would like people to know that they don’t?

EF: That I’m not a “troubled star”. I’m a very happy guy and just because someone takes a bad picture of me and someone else writes some shit about me being messed up or something doesn’t make it true. THAT’S what I want people to know about me!

July 2005

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