Peer Quality Case Review (PQCR)

As part of AB 636 requirements, California counties are required to complete a Peer Quality Case Review (PQCR) process once every three years.

In an effort to support California counties through this time- and resource-intensive process, CalSWEC, at the request of the California Department of Social Services, will post background information and planning, assessment, and reporting tools on its web site. As more counties participate in the PQCR, their tools will be added to this site as a resource for future PQCRs.

Click on the headings below for the documents that can assist your county in the rollout of the PQCR.

  • Background Information (including the PQCR Guide):
    This section provides general information on the PQCR and how it fits with the AB 636/C-CFSR process. The Appendices include links to other information on the AB 636/C-CFSR process.

  • Planning the PQCR:
    This section provides options, directions, and examples that can help counties prepare for the PQCR. Key decisions are highlighted along with the options available to counties for each decision. The Appendices provide planning and communication tools to assist counties. These were submitted by counties that have already completed the PQCR, with the aim of allowing counties to adapt and share resources.

  • Conducting the PQCR:
    This section provides instructions, tools, and training materials to assist counties during the PQCR process. The Appendices include templates for the tools used in the process, as well as sample questions, sorted by focus area, that counties have used during actual case reviews. As more counties complete the PQCR, more questions will be added to the list.

  • After the PQCR:
    This section provides tips about how to consolidate and analyze information after the case reviews are completed, including training outlines and resources for recognizing the staff that participated in the case review. The Appendices include templates for the report, as well as tools that counties have used to assist them in processing and analyzing the information.

  • Peer Quality Case Review Resources from the Bay Area Academy

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Last updated: May 21, 2007