The Philippine Air Force withdrew the F-8H Crusader from operational use on 23 Jan 88 and placed the aircraft in open storage at Basa Air Base.  On 15 June 91, the volcanic eruption of Mt. Pinatubo approximately 40 kilometers away deposited a very heavy ash layer on Basa Air Base, ruining many buildings and causing irrevocable damage to the parked F-8H aircraft.  By 1997 the remaining eleven aircraft had been moved to the grass area at the side of the parking ramp.  (A. Anido Collection)


F-8H Crusader 47044 code 314 of the 7th Fighter Squadron at Basa Air Base soon after delivery in 1978.  (A. Anido Collection)


F-8H Crusader 47901 code 322 withdrawn from use in 1988 and shown here at Basa Air Base in 1997.  (Anglo Philippine Aviation)


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