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Court Forms

Welcome to the Pine Tree Legal Assistance and Volunteer Lawyers Project experimental forms preparation site.

We have posted court forms for bringing:

  • the most common types of family law cases and motions
  • a protection from abuse case
  • a protection from harassment case, and
  • a small claims case

Look at the left-hand list to find the type of case you want to file. To browse a list of all the court forms, scroll to the bottom of the left-hand list.

If you have Adobe Reader, or a similar PDF reader, you can get view, print, or download the blank forms. You can also fill out the interactive forms on-line, then print your completed form.

If you don't have Adobe Reader, you can go and get it. It's free, but takes a little while to download. To use the interactive forms you will need a recent version of Adobe Reader. Some of the forms work best with version 7.0 or better

Please let us know of any problems you have using these forms. Send us any suggestions you may have. Many thanks.



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