NanoMasks FAQS Why we test to .027 Microns

Lightweight and comfortable, the NanoMask® is the first protective face mask in the world to utilize nanoparticle enhanced filters to address potentially harmful airborne contaminants.

The disposable filters are NanoCharged™, a patented air filtration technology utilizing nanoparticle enhanced filter media. Nanoparticles are an active component that elevate the intrinsic filtration efficiency through their application to the surface of the filter media. The nanoparticles are effective for airflow in either direction, addressing potential airborne contaminates in both inspiratory (inhaled) and expiratory (exhaled) air.

The replaceable filter quickly and easily inserts into the reusable body of the mask. The filters are fluid resistant to reduce potential exposure to blood and other body fluids. Each filter is individually packaged and recommended for a single use.

Combines an anatomical design and personalized fit to address one of the most critical deficiencies of typical N95 masks; an inability to effectively seal against the face. An ineffective seal allows inhaled and exhaled breath to follow the path of least resistance; around the sides of the mask.

The comfortable two-piece facemask is completely adjustable and reusable. Only the replaceable filter insert is disposable. The facemask utilizes adjustable head straps to provide a secure, personalized fit and an effective seal against the face.

The low profile design doesn’t interfere with eyewear. The lower fit on the nose and wide flange assures an outstanding fit.

Compact and lightweight the Nanomask is extremely portable.

Available in two sizes and multiple colors.

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