Nobody has done more to support Harold Saxon's campaign than his wife, Lucy.

Lucy is the youngest child of Lord Cole of Tarminster, who sat in the House of Lords prior to the reforms. However, Lucy never saw herself following in her father's footsteps. "I was never a political person before I met Harry," she says. "But then, I don't see myself as a political person now. Like Harry, I just believe in doing what's best."

She attended Rodean School, representing Sussex at netball, before going on to study Italian at St Andrews. Since graduating she has worked for several charities and most recently in publishing. She met Harold Saxon whilst working on his autobiography, and she soon added a new and very significant chapter to his life when they married last year.

Lucy is constantly asked by the media whether she plans to have children. "It's one of my long-term goals," she says. "But Harry's job is going to take him to some exciting places in the years to come, and I want to be there by his side."