Martin Ssempa has spent nearly two decades on the frontline of Uganda’s highly touted successful AIDS prevention response. From the early days of writing and presenting a community drama in the first nationwide AIDS prevention campaign, to his current roles as pastor, counselor and consultant to the government of Uganda, Mr. Ssempa has been a key player in the development and execution of national policy to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Martin takes this fight very personally—and with good reason. The deadly disease claimed the lives of his brother, his sister and her baby, and now another brother is infected. He has watched loved ones die, and it stirs the coals of his passion to speak out against the choices that put young people’s health and futures at risk.

Growing up in a fatherless home marked by poverty and pain, Martin realized that the choices he made meant the difference between life and death. What was true for his life in Uganda is true for communities around the world today.

HIV/AIDS is not an allergy. It is not a gay disease. It is not a badge of honor. It is a cold-blooded, indiscriminating killer that can only be stopped by a proven solution—abstinence until marriage and faithfulness within marriage. This is the core of Martin’s powerful message, which is delivered in a delightfully refreshing manner—full of intensity, compassion and humor—that leaves audiences ignited and inspired. Martin is a "bilingual" speaker in that deliver his messages in a manner most suitable to the specific audience he's addressing. This ensures that each presenetation is appropriate, relevant and effective.

Martin lives in Kampala, Uganda, with his wife, Tracey, and four children, Pablo, Josiah, Abigail, and Makiah. Despite his widespread responsibilities as a father, motivational speaker, pastor, counselor and community leader, Mr. Ssempa travels regularly to the United States and abroad to inspire community leaders, activists, educators, parents and youth about Global AIDS prevention through abstinence and monogamy.

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