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06/20/2007, 11:45am, EDT

Wednesday, June 20th

Photos of AppleTV update: YouTube, security
An Apple TV 1.1 software update has been released. The update presumably brings YouTube functionality to the device (as previously reported), as well as resolving a potential denial of service vulnerability and arbitrary code execution vulnerability in the UPnP IGD (Internet Gateway Device Standardized Device Control Protocol) code used to create Port Mappings on home NAT gateways in the Apple TV implementation. Apple says that by sending a maliciously crafted packet, a remote attacker can trigger the overflow which may lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution. This update addresses the issue by performing additional validation when processing UPnP protocol packets. The new release is only available directly to the Apple TV. It is not downloadable through Mac OS X or Windows, nor from the Apple site. You can manually update your Apple TV using the TV interface by selecting Settings > Update Software, or allow it to automatically update (checks are done once a week).

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198380 06/20, 12:19pm, EDT Kills Hacks
What a surprise, the update kills of any hacks that have been done. SSH no longer responding, ATVFiles no longer showing up on the menu.

posted by gmsmith

198381 06/20, 12:22pm, EDT Multi-channel, subtitle
I was hoping for multi-channel audio (at least via HDMI) and subtitle support, but alas.

posted by Filburt

198405 06/20, 4:51pm, EDT Re: kills hacks
Yes, what a surprise! Because, we know with OS X, if you do anything to your system there in the underneath stuff, that never gets changed or reset!

Its not Apple's problem to support anyone's 'hacks' on the system.

posted by testudo

198408 06/20, 5:33pm, EDT Hack Killer
Removes a lot of things that made the Apple TV great. Most file system support is gone and kexts all break.

The YouTube plugin was okay, but I reverted to the original system as I would rather play avi files from my H.D. attached to my airport than play YouTube with apples plugin.

posted by sixcolors

198508 06/21, 9:34pm, EDT Apple TV still for sale?
The thing puts out 720i video. Are folks really buying this dismal toy? Love my macs, but this paperweight is a performance joke.

posted by Drupa

198564 06/22, 12:21pm, EDT Facts
Umm, no, it outputs 720p (which *is* HD by the way). And yes people are definitely buying it apparently...

posted by MacnTX

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