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Welcome to This is the second reincarnation of this site. The first one was hosted on geocities. However that is now defunct. This is my first own domain. Please visit the section about the site to know more.

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  Last Posted on 12-FEB-2004

23-Apr-2005: Have been wanting to do this for a while now. Starting the review of the Dune series.
23-Nov-2004: My first travelogue. Our Rajasthan road trip.
22-Nov-2004: Had written this article about the 1GB mania from various ISPs, posting it a bit late. Another article about the philosophy of Open Source.
07-May-2004: Just checked out GMail. My Review of the experience.
12-Feb-2004: Back after a *long* time. My own domain, finally! Lots of changes expected, starting with reverse chronologica listing for this pane.
19-Feb-2002: On why those people at redmond are the way they are? Oh and a happy new year btw. Welcoming myself back.
08-Oct-2001: Two new chapters in TLGO.
24-Sept-2001: Three new chapters in TLGO, System Basics, Networking and Connecting to the Internet.
23-Sept-2001: Updated links, Reality Check - M$; Live NewsFeeds now online.
22-Sept-2001: w32.nimda.a@mm - Attack on I was there.
16-Sept-2001: Looks like all I am doing is getting new sections online. Here is the latest.
15-Sept-2001: New Section on Links
11-Sept-2001: New Article, about user-friendliness.
04-Sept-2001: Updated the front page.

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  Last Posted on 04-SEPT-2004

Check out the TLGO - The Linux Guide Online. For complete information regarding the use of Linux, ranging from that of a newbie to that of a system administrator.

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