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ContactPoint - formerly known as the Information Sharing Index

The DfES have announced that the national Information Sharing Index, part of the Every Child Matters programme to improve outcomes for children, is to be known as ‘ContactPoint’, with immediate effect.

ContactPoint will provide a quick way for those working with children and young people to find out who else is working with the same child or young person, making it easier to deliver more coordinated support. It will be available to authorised staff who need it to do their jobs.

In determining the new name more than 400 stakeholders were consulted – including children, young people and families. A consensus emerged that the identity needed to clearly state what the tool was and what it would do (and, in doing so, make clear what it would not do). It is felt that ContactPoint does that. It was also thought to be important that the identity differentiates the national tool from pilot local indexes. Stakeholders made it clear that the term ‘Information Sharing Index’ did not meet these aims.

Naming the system ContactPoint makes it clear that its primary purpose is to enable those working with children and young people to contact each other. It is important to stress that ContactPoint will not contain case records, subjective opinions, test result scores, weight statistics etc.

ContactPoint will be extremely secure and access to and use of the system will be strictly controlled and monitored.

If you would like to know more about ContactPoint, please contact Pete Larkin (peter.larkin@nottinghamcity.gov.uk) or visit www.nottinghamics.org.uk.