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Kestrel is coming!

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The last couple of months we've been working hard on the upcoming Opera 9.5 release, codename Kestrel. Opera 9.5 will contain many cool new features, improvement of existing features, and we fixed a lot of bugs. Within a few weeks we will publish 9.5 weeklies on this blog so everyone can start playing with it. :hat:

What's new!

After the release of Opera 9 last year, we continued the development of Opera's rendering engine for inclusion in the 9.5 release. As a result, Opera 9.5 contains more than a year of improvements on the rendering engine. This includes improved CSS3 support (text-shadow anyone :D ), superior SVG support and a brand new javascript engine with support for ECMAScript 4 'getters' and 'setters'. Apart from being the best standard compliant browser, Opera 9.5 will also display even more webpages with bad coding.

User Interface
Earlier we asked our users for feedback by enabling the usage statistics. Thanks to all the feedback that we got, we now know more about which features are most popular and which ones are used less. In the Opera 9.5 user interface we made several usability improvements that make the popular features easier to access, and more consistent with other browsers.

Opera's zoom function has always been a very popular accessibility feature. Opera 9.5 takes a big step forward in accessibility by introducing screen reader support :yes: , improved keyboard navigation and more consistent keyboard shortcuts.

Platform integration
To make sure that Opera remains the best choice on your platform, we spend a lot of time making Opera feel more integrated with your platform. Mac users can expect a nice new visual look and feel. Opera for Linux will add a QT4 build, so you can easily adjust the skin to match with desktop. There will also be 64-bit Linux/FreeBSD packages made available.

If you like speed, we've got good news for you! Opera 9.5 will be much faster, both in benchmarks (and we don't have to cheat :cool: ) and most important: on real web pages. The user interface will also feel snappier and more responsive, for example switching tabs is now a lot faster on UNIX.

And there is so much more! :beer: While we're preparing the first weekly build for you, we will introduce you to more new features and changes in 9.5. Keep yourself updated!

Desktop Team on tour!


Great news! This summer will be HOT!

By rejdi, # 22. June 2007, 14:19:44

Good news. Thanks. :happy:

:wait: for upcoming weekly build.

By Tamil, # 22. June 2007, 14:22:06

Finally, news! :smile:

By hermen2048, # 22. June 2007, 14:22:19

This post is filled with awesomeness. Well done. :cheers:

By BAMAToNE, # 22. June 2007, 14:22:48

kewl, thx :D

By Nequissimus, # 22. June 2007, 14:26:24

Awesome! Thanks!

By Kirill.Fenix, # 22. June 2007, 14:26:33

Thankx but when?

By asif2bd, # 22. June 2007, 14:27:14

Oh, what a wonderful news :wink:
Does anyone knows what is being "censored" in the CSS image? I'm so curious...

By Schwenx, # 22. June 2007, 14:27:22

Awesome news, thanks so much for developing Opera! This is what everyone was waiting here for the past several weeks! Thanks again.

By Soleen, # 22. June 2007, 14:30:34


Originally posted by Schwenx:

Does anyone knows what is being "censored" in the CSS image? I'm so curious...

Can I guess? Docked widgets.... :wink:

By johnnysaucepn, # 22. June 2007, 14:33:11

Yessss Opera Team are Working yeahhh!!!

Thanks for the big news.

By edupav, # 22. June 2007, 14:33:26

Can't wait :D

By aleksanteri, # 22. June 2007, 14:34:12

This post is filled with cheese.

By Preacher Bob, # 22. June 2007, 14:34:40

Yes! Finally :D:D:D!

I'm glad to hear there is a new Javascript Engine... JS intensive pages were where we lost against others :S... Also I'm glad to hear performance issues in *nix are improving XD.

With Safari around on windows, this are great news guys! Congratulations, and keep it up :smile:!

By Camus, # 22. June 2007, 14:36:17


By zynal, # 22. June 2007, 14:36:35


By theoddbod, # 22. June 2007, 14:38:43

OLE' !!!!!
WOW !!!!!

By SoulOfDoinel, # 22. June 2007, 14:38:48

New message in RSS. At last!

First weekly in few weeks.. OK! :-)

By f1avalanche, # 22. June 2007, 14:39:26

This sounds really exciting!!!

By Ibsen, # 22. June 2007, 14:39:55

Did I hear 64-bit linux? All of this calls for celebration!

By alecmg, # 22. June 2007, 14:41:30

w00t - Sounds awesome :D Specially the new *nix stuff, sounds awesome indeed. Dont forget the PC-BSD PBI packaged releases :wink:

By Mrrrrz0r, # 22. June 2007, 14:41:41

Finally some RSS comes. Well, that's exciting news! I'm looking forward to see Kestrel in action, 'cos information about this new verion sounds very good.

By XRock, # 22. June 2007, 14:44:07

Does Kestrel finally support Google Docs and other google applications without problems???

By xyzbingo, # 22. June 2007, 14:44:14

Dockable widgets would be awesome...

Anyway, this just feeds my already overwhelming desire to play around with Kestrel. I can't wait. I feel like a kid who's staring into the window of new candy store that doesn't open for 3 weeks.

Thanks for the update, and keep up the great work. :wink:

BTW: Thanks for a 64-bit Linux version. I'm going to go download the x86_64 version of Fedora 7...

By GT500, # 22. June 2007, 14:45:02

xyzbingo: Im afraid alot of the problems there has to be fixed by Google..

By olli, # 22. June 2007, 14:46:23

Oh my, oh my, 64-bit and QT4? Hurray!

By Yallis, # 22. June 2007, 14:46:30

What's the censored thingie in the screenshot? Any guess? :wink:
How about a new skin for Kestrel?

By Cyro, # 22. June 2007, 14:52:26

me so horny \o/

By agony, # 22. June 2007, 14:54:06

omg gogogo Opera! good luck!:D

By szh, # 22. June 2007, 14:55:59

M2 ???????

By Bill_P, # 22. June 2007, 14:56:20

Yes... *drool* I need my crack... This reeks of awesome. I want to see the new Mac interface myself. I want it to scream like a Kestrel.

By Khadgar, # 22. June 2007, 14:59:25

Does anyone knows what is being "censored" in the CSS image? I'm so curious...

My guess--a feature similar to FoXpose or Quick Tabs.

By wiley_e_wonka, # 22. June 2007, 15:04:42

64-bit for linux, qt4 to match theme? Ohhh... can't wait.

By kriko, # 22. June 2007, 15:07:08

Duh... anyone who knows what is being censored is obviously not allowed to tell :smile:

But the guessing here is interesting to read.

By Rijk, # 22. June 2007, 15:07:08


No. That's not right.



Opera, go forward!

By wwiii, # 22. June 2007, 15:07:23

Where's the 'GO' button again?

By Zybex, # 22. June 2007, 15:07:30

Very exciting news. Has anybody read anything about the possibility or probability of having a calendar app built in? We've got M2, but a full blown PIM would be phenominal.

By skydart, # 22. June 2007, 15:08:52

olli, any plans to disable menu bar by default. Or do you thing this will never happen? not that it is hard to do manually. But since it is mentioned that interface is now more consistent with other browsers, seems that the other browsers are slowlly getting rid of the outdated menu bar :smile:
Or may be not? I am just curious about inside thoughts on this matter.

By Soleen, # 22. June 2007, 15:10:10

You just have to tell us more about the SVG support, maybe another blog post?

By graouts, # 22. June 2007, 15:10:41

Oh and forgot to ask, are there plans for long awaited settings-bookmars synchronizer? :smile:

By Soleen, # 22. June 2007, 15:11:23

I still don't see any differences between 9.2 GUI and 9.5 GUI...

By Real_quark, # 22. June 2007, 15:13:03

Sounds great :smile:

By rogerpe, # 22. June 2007, 15:17:09

Of course now. If there was a big difference, we'd have to call it 10 after all :smile:

By Rijk, # 22. June 2007, 15:17:46


Whahahah. Whahaha.


By DjiXas, # 22. June 2007, 15:19:17

Soleen: Don't see us disabling the menubar anytime soon.. That wouldn't be too nice on mac :-p

By olli, # 22. June 2007, 15:20:37

Who said that there would be?

By Zotlan, # 22. June 2007, 15:21:58

Cool! I hope to see new builds coming soon! :smile:

By momo2, # 22. June 2007, 15:27:50

:yes: Sweet!!

By hansbendiksen, # 22. June 2007, 15:29:34

Very very exciting! I love that feature list.

Some questions:

- CSS3 Multiple background support? That'd be very useful, but I imagine you'd mention it if you had it...if you don't, is it because they spec's not been finalized enough?

- The new Mac look and feel wouldn't happen to include drawer support, would it? :smile:

- Aside from the previously mentioned SVG background image support in CSS, will 9.5 also allow img src="file.svg"?

- Will there be support for the VIDEO element, as also mentioned some time before?

By Fyrd, # 22. June 2007, 15:29:52

About the censored sign:
If I had to guess I think it might be related to fit-to-width somehow.

By Cyro, # 22. June 2007, 15:30:07

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