Martin Cummins (Det.) Patrick Styvesant
Adian Devine Marcus Starck
Gary Farmer Ernie Ross
Brendan Fletcher Alasdair MacCrae
Aidan Gillen Glenn Taylor
Gina McKee Angela Starck
Mark McKinney Sam Cutter
Callum Keith Rennie Egon Schwimmer
Fred Ward Gacy/Noah Aldis

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Writers: A.L. Kennedy, John Burnside
Director: Rachel Talalay
First Assistant Director: Anne Sirois
Producers: Greg Dummett, Gub Neal, Lorraine Richard

Executive Producers:
  • Justin Thomas Glover (Box TV)
  • Vivianne Morn (Cité·Amérique)
  • Louis LaVerdière (Cité·Amérique)
  • Norm Bolin (Showcase)
  • Rachel Fulford (Showcase)
  • Laura Michalchyshyn (Showcase)
  • Emily Morgan (Showcase)

    Cinematography: Jean-Pierre Trudel
    Casting: Elite Productions, John Buchan Casting, Julia Duff
    Prod. Management (Unit Production Manager): Mario Nadeau
    Production Designer (Art Direction): Serge Bureau
    Sound Mixer: Glenn Tussman
    Re-Recording Mixers: Gavin Fernandes, Philippe Pelletier
    Editor: Gaëtan Huot
    Music: Adrian Johnston
    Costume Designer: Aline Gilmore

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  • Short Synopses

    "Dice is set in a small, Canadian college town, where some of the residences are obsessed with a "game" involving dice. The game, as taught by college professor Glenn Taylor, involves making a list of six possible courses of action, and rolling a die to determine which to take. The game goes unnoticed by authorities until the murder of Sally Quine. Police detective Patrick Styvesant stumbles across the game while investigating Quine's murder, and begins to suspect that cult-like activities may revolve around the game." (Courtesy of TVTome.Com)

    "Somewhere in a small Canadian university town Sally Quine’s body is found – her hair razored off and showing signs of torture. Her boyfriend Alasdair MacCrae is missing and now he is at the top of the suspect list. Alasdair’s mother has already hired a private detective, Gacy, to investigate her son’s increasingly odd behaviour. Now Gacy finds himself pulled into the murder investigation.Thorough the episodes several interwoven plots unfold all tying into a new phenomena of dicing – a new game of fate." (Courtesy of The Movie Network)

    Dice was filmed in Canada, and aired on TMN (The Movie Network) in eastern Canada, and Movie Central in western Canada. The show is co-produced by Showcase Television, and will likely air there in the near future. It is also co-produced by Box TV in the UK, and will most likely air there, as well.

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    Episode Guide

  • Episode #1 (Original Air Date: November 12th, 2001)
  • gs: Tracey Wright (Gil) Mandy Schaffer (Sally Quine) Linda Smith (Mrs. Maggie Quine) Ralph Allison (Mr. Tom Quine) Ted Whittall (Smith) Liz Macrea (Colraine) Aimee Castle (Shelby Scott) Joel Miller (Priest) Christian Tessier (Bill) Christopher Dyson (Eddie) Danny Gilmore (Nick) Griffin Brewer (Ted) Mark Camacho (Macloud) Frank Chiesurn (Paul, Police Officer) Steve Adams (Police Officer (Thief)) Charles Doucet (Desk Officer) Amanda Tilson (Staring Girl) Romano Orzari (Lloyd) Jennifer Marci (Waitress Lucy)

    In a small Canadian town, the tortured and mutilated body of Sally Quine is discovered in a field. Detective Patrick Styvesant, a distant cousin of Sally's, is assigned to head the investigation. Initial suspicions fall on her boyfriend, Alasdair MacCrae, who is in hiding. After interviewing Sally's family and friends, Styvesant learns that an older man who identified himself as Gacy was following Alasdair. Gacy is actually a private detective named Noah Aldis, who was hired by someone identified only as "The Colonel" to follow Alasdair. Unknown to Styvesant, Gacy is staked out in front of the motel where Alasdair is hiding. Styvesant's visit to the university that Sally attended reveals that many of the students, Alasdair included, play a game involving making a list of six possible actions, and using a dice to determine which action to take. One of Sally's teachers, Glenn Taylor, gives Styvesant a list that Alasdair had made, and confesses that he had a homosexual affair with Alasdair. Taylor is the one who induced the dice divination to the students, and secretly instructs a small group of people on its philosophical meaning. One member of this secret group, a mentally disturbed man named Egon Schwimmer, busts into the squad room, brandishing a straight razor, ranting incoherently, and confessing to Sally Quine's murder. Styvesant questions Egon, but is unsure as to his involvement. Styvesant confronts Gacy in his hotel room, and questions him on Alasdair's whereabouts during the time of the murder. Gacy claims he lost track of Alasdair around that time, but a cut on Gacy's hand draws Styvesant's suspicions. Styvesant secretly follows Gacy to the murder scene, and confronts him when Gacy discovers a button that the police have missed.

    w: A.L. Kennedy, John Burnside d: Rachel Talalay

    NOTE: Although the town where this series takes place is never named, it is probably just outside Montreal, as that is where the show is filmed. This is further supported by the fact that the stop signs are all in French.

  • Episode #2 (Original Air Date: November 19th, 2001)
  • gs: Linda Smith (Mrs. Maggie Quine) Griffin Brewer (Ted) Charles Doucet (Desk Officer) Amanda Tilson (Staring Girl) Daniel Libman (Staring Boy) Jennifer Marci (Waitress Lucy) Gloria Slade (Norma Cutter) Lisa B. Moore (Dorothy, Traffic Officer) Brett Watson ("New To You" Barman)

    A masked intruder assaults Alasdair in his motel room, and steals his gun. Gacy gets the drop on Styvesant, and handcuffs him to his police cruiser. Marcus Starck, the hockey coach from the college, argues with his wife, Angela, and leaves to go to a bar. Egon gets increasingly antsy, and pleads to have a die. Glenn Taylor finds Marcus at a bar playing with a die, and chides him for not playing the game correctly. He convinces Marcus to make a list, and to shape it with choices that he really wants. Angela receives an anonymous call, hinting that she and Marcus played a part in Sally's murder. Gacy follows Alasdair into the woods, and confronts him. Alasdair denies killing Sally, but Gacy points out that Alasdair is missing a button. As Marcus prepares to leave town, Taylor asks him to bail Egon out of jail. Styvesant's suspicions are raised, as no bail has been posted for Ego. Taylor takes an interest in Sam Cutter, a hen-pecked, bookish man who is raising money for The Good Time Fund, a children's charity. Gacy brings Alasdair to the police station, and Styvesant arrests both men.

    w: A.L. Kennedy, John Burnside d: Rachel Talalay

  • Episode #3 (Original Air Date: November 26th, 2001)
  • gs: Dorothee Berryman (Colonel McCrae) Mandy Schaffer (Sally Quine) Tracey Wright (Gil) Linda Smith (Mrs. Maggie Quine) Ralph Allison (Mr. Tom Quine) Romano Orzari (Lloyd) Matthew McKay (Lawyer) Gloria Slade (Norma Cutter) Holly O'Brien (Annie Cutter) David Dean (Kenny Cutter) Anne Nahabedian (Whore) Carl Alacchi (Pimp) Amanda Tilson (Staring Girl) Daniel Libman (Staring Boy) Charles Doucet (Desk Officer) Charles Papasoff (Chuck) Richard Jutras (Installation Man #1) Antoine Benz (Installaion Man #2) Brian Wrench (Cop (Cell))

    Styvesant interrogates Alasdair, who implicates Taylor in Sally's killing. Alasdair and Gacy are released from jail, and meet with The Colonel, who fires Gacy. Taylor introduces Sam Cutter to his secret meeting, but Egon shows up, demanding his seat back. Taylor drives Cutter home, and tries to convince him to try his dicing method. Gacy and Alasdair decide to team up to c atch Sally's killer. Styvesant meets Taylor at his house to confront him about Alasdair's accusations, but Taylor takes his flirting with Styvesant too far. While leaving, Styvesant and Taylor discover a plastic bag, possibly with clues to Sally's death, in the bushes outside Taylor's home. Gacy and Angela meet at the police station and discover a mutual attraction. Cutter's experiments with dicing go horribly wrong, and he discovers his life is as it seems.

    w: A.L. Kennedy, John Burnside d: Rachel Talalay

    NOTE: In previous episodes, it appeared that Taylor had four people, beside himself, in his secret meetings. In this episode, Cutter seems to be shown setting in the furthest seat to screen left. But one quick cut shows a previously unseen girl looking screen right towards him. This would indicate that there are more than four "students", but they are being cropped out of the frame, assuming that the series is being filmed widescreen. Since it has been established that Taylor has an obsession with the number "6", I think it is safe to assume that there are actually six people in his class.
  • Dorothee Berryman is listed in the credits as "Dorothy Berryman".

  • Episode #4 (Original Air Date: December 3rd, 2001)
  • gs: Simone-Elise Girard (Woman With A Baby) Tristan Baptiste-Mailloux (Woman's Baby) Linda Smith (Mrs. Maggie Quine) Ralph Allison (Mr. Tom Quine) Daniel Libman (Staring Boy) Guy Spring (Crazy Janey's Barman) Miranda Hanford (Crazy Janey's Blond) Daniela Ferrara (Crazy Janey's Brunette) Scott Falconbridge (Boarish Drunk) Charles Doucet (Desk Officer) Romano Orzari (Lloyd) Ted Whittall (Smith) Brett Watson ("New To You" Barman) Alexander Bisping ("New To You" Drunk)

    Angela is visited by Taylor, and are observed by a woman with a baby who is parked in front of Angela's house. Gacy sees the two together and warns Angela to stay away from him. Ego cleans himself up and visits "Crazy Janey's", a country western bar. Egon brings a blonde back to his apartment, and are followed by policemen Lloyd and Smith. Gacy tells Styvescant about the real Gacy, his friend who fought with him in Viet Nam. Angela is kidnapped by a masked intruder. Styvescant lets the dice decide if he should drink or not. A new murder victim is discovered.

    w: A.L. Kennedy, John Burnside d: Rachel Talalay

  • Episode #5 (Original Air Date: December 10th, 2001)
  • gs: Mark Camacho (Macloud) Amanda Tilson (Staring Girl) Tracy Wright (Gil) Daniel Libman (Staring Boy) Romano Orzari (Lloyd) Mandy Schaffer (Sally Quine) Simone-Elise Girard (Woman With A Baby) Guy Spring (Crazy Janey's Barman) Miranda Hanford (Crazy Janey's Blond) Catherine Colvy (Marcia) Greg Kramer (Drunk Man) Liz Macrea (Colraine)

    Angela wakes and discovers the identity of her kidnapper. Styvescant asks Gacy to help him investigate Angela's disappearance, even if it means breaking the law. Syvescant sets his sites on Egon for the latest murder. His investigation takes him to Crazy Janey's, where he discovers that his erratic behavior is earning enemies on the police force. Angela resorts to desperate measures to escape from her captor.

    w: A.L. Kennedy, John Burnside d: Rachel Talalay

  • Episode #6 (Original Air Date: December 17th, 2001)
  • gs: Robert Wisden (Tom Wilson) Anne-Marie Cadieux (Helena Wilson) Emily VanCamp (Johanna Wilson) Ashley Lang (Judith Wilson) Danielle Dube (Wilson Girl #3)

    Glenn insinuates himself into the lives of a troubled family; Angela's flashbacks provide more clues.

    w: A.L. Kennedy, John Burnside d: Rachel Talalay