List of Amorphophallus titanium Blooms


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1.1889. Royal Botanical Garden/Kew/England. Being the first Amorphophallus titanum to bloom in cultivation.


2.1894. Land's Plantentuin Buitenzorg/Kebun Raya Bogor/Java/Indonesia. Amorphophallus titanium became the symbol of the Indonesian Botanic Gardens.


3.1901. Royal Botanical Garden/Kew/England.


4.1924. Land's Plantentuin Buitenzorg/Kebun Raya Bogor/Java/Indonesia.


5.1926. Royal Botanical Garden/Kew/England.


6.1929. Royal Botanical Garden/Kew/England.


7.1929. Botanical Garden/Hamburg/Germany. 6/28/1929.


8.1930. Botanical Garden/Hamburg/Germany.


9.1932. Botanical Garden/Wgeningen/The Netherlands. Spadix grew to 2.67 m. (8.75 feet) high and spathe1.5 m (4.92 feet) in diameter.


10.1934. Land's Plantentuin Buitenzorg/Kebun Raya Bogor/Java/Indonesia.


11.1935. Botanical Garden/Wageningen/The Netherlands.


12.1936. Botanical Garden/Bern/Switzerland.


13.1937. Botanical Garden/Bonn/Germany. Spadix grew to 2 m. (6 feet) high. Corm imported by Prof. Koernicke in 1934 from Sumatra. morpho2003e.html.


14.1937. New York Botanical Garden/New York/USA.  June1937. Spadix grew to 2.57 m. (8 feet, 5 inches) high. Corm weight was 45.36 Kg. (100 Pounds). In June of 1937 this plant was the first Titan arum to bloom in cultivation in USA. It became "Official Flower of the Bronx". Time Magazine archive:  Jun. 21,1937. �A specimen of the world's largest known flower last week bloomed in the U. S. for the first time. Custodian of this prodigy, whose scientific name is Amorphophallus titanum and which is being called krubi by the islanders of its native Sumatra, was the New York Botanical Garden in The Bronx. Only 13 times before had Amorphophallus titanum bloomed outside the Sumatra jungle� Four times in London's Kew Gardens, Twice in Holland, Three times in Germany, Three times in a botanical garden in Java and once in Awitzerland. During last week's excitement Assistant Curator Wendell Holmes Camp observed that The Bronx's plant was...�.,10987,757979,00.html


15.1939. New York Botanical Garden/New York/USA. 7/2/1939. Spadix grew to 1.22 m. (4 feet) high. Corm weight was 14.06 Kg. (31 pound).


16.1939. Botanical Garden/Berlin/Dahlem/Germany.


17.1940. Botanical Garden/Bonn/Germany. July of 1940.


18.1956. Botanical Garden/Leiden/The Netherlands.


19.1980. Botanical Garden/Munich/Germany.


20.1985. Palmengarten/Frankfurt/Germany. Spadix grew to 2.49 m. (8 feet 2 inches) high.


21.1987. Botanical Garden/Bonn/Germany. 4/27-28/1987. Spadix grew to 1.63 m. (5 feet, 4 inches) high.


22.1994. Botanical Garden/Mainz/Germany.


23.1994. Palmengarten/Frankfurt/Germany.


24.1994. Land's Plantentuin Buitenzorg/Kebun Raya Bogor/Java/Indonesia. 3/14/1994.


25.1995. Botanical Garden/Leiden/The Netherlands.


26.1995. Land's Plantentuin Buitenzorg/Kebun Raya Bogor/Java/Indonesia. 2/15/95. Amorphophallus titanum Becc. �In section VI. C 326 of Bogor Botanic Garden has bloomed. The plant is from Gunung Batu Asal, Muara Imat, Kerinci, Jambi of the Flora Exploration. It was planted on 9 November 1992, the Corm weighing 26 kg. (57.32 pounds). The generative phase started on 26th December 1994 and the full bloom of the flower occurred on 15th February 1995.� The Spadix grew to 1.45 m. (4.92 feet) high and the Spathe diameter was 63 cm (2.06 feet). As reported in Eksplorasi Vol.1 No. 2, in March 1994, a different Amorphophallus titanum bloomed. The Spadix and Spathe were larger than the latest one. Amorphophallus titanum Becc. is the mascot flora of the Indonesian Botanic Gardens (Kebun Raya Indonesia).


27.1996. Botanical Garden/Bonn/Germany. 5/8-11/1996.


28.1996. Botanical Garden/Bonn/Germany. 5/30 � 6/2/1996.


29.1996. Palmengarten/Frankfurt/Germany.


30.1996. Royal Botanical Garden/Kew/England. Plant donated by Leiden University's botanic garden.


31.1997. Land's Plantentuin Buitenzorg/Kebun Raya Bogor/Java/Indonesia. Same Corm bloomed in 1994 and 2001.


32.1998. University of Missouri/St. Louis/USA. 5/1/1998. Spadix grew to 0.89 m. (2 feet 11 inches) high. Plant grown from wild-collected seed discovered by Dr. Jim Symon. The seed was planted in February of 1995, and grown in the University of Missouri/St. Louis greenhouse by Kathy Upton.


33.1998. Botanical Garden/Bonn/Germany. 5/1-3/1998. Spadix grew to 2.34 m. (7 feet, 8 inches) high.


34.1998. Fairchild Tropical Garden/Coral Gables/Florida/USA. 6/24/1998. Named ' Mr. Stinky". Spadix grew to 1.51 m. (4 feet and 11 1/2) inches high and Spathe grew to 0.76 m. (30 inches) in diameter. Bloomed again in May of 2001.


35.1998. Atlanta Botanical Garden/Georgia/USA. 7/6/1998. Spadix grew to 1.9 m. (6 feet, 3 inches) high.


36.1999. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens/Sarasota/Florida/USA. May of 1999. Spadix grew to 1.63 m. (5 feet, 4.5 inches) high.


37.1999. Land's Plantentuin Buitenzorg/Kebun Raya Bogor/Java/Indonesia. July of 1999.


38.1999. University of Washington/Seattle/USA. 7/8/1999. Spadix grew to 1.85 m. (6 feet, 1 inch) high. Accession # is 1693. Seed was obtained from Palmengarten (Germany) in 1993. Accessions 1693-1,2, &-3 of U. Washington are clones.


39.1999. Huntington Botanical Garden/California/USA. 8/1/1999. Spadix grew to 1.74 m. (5 feet, 8 1/2 inches) high. Corm weights was16.33 Kg. (36 pounds). Great botanical significance, because the first seeds ever known to have been produced by an Amorphophallus titanum through self-pollination.


40.1999. Fairchild Tropical garden/Coral Gables/Florida/USA. 9/3/1999. Named "Alice". Spadix grew to 1.87 m. (6 feet and 1 1/2 inches) high. Spathe did not fully open!! Corm weights 15.88 Kg. (35 pounds) and 0.43 m. (17 inches) in diameter before repotting.


41.2000. Fullerton  Arboretum/Fullerton/California/USA. 6/13/2000. Named  �Tiffy�. Spadix grew to 1.83 m. (6 feet) high.


42.2000. Botanical Garden/Bonn/Germany. 7/6/2000. This plant bloomed for second times in 2003. Spathe had a diameter of 1.5 m. (4 feet 11 inches) and reached almost 2.60 m. (8 feet 6 inches) in height. Bloom attracted some 15000 visitors to the Botanic Garden of the Poppelsdorf Castle. At this time the tuber had a weight of 36 kg. (79.4 pounds).


43.2001. University of Washington/Seattle/USA. 5/5-8/2001. Spadix grew to 1.62 m. (5 feet, 4 inches) high. Accession # is 4261-1. Accessions # 4260 & 4261 are from seeds collected by James Symon and donated to U. Washington by Bob Beer. These seeds were sown 3/20/95.


44.2001. Fairchild Tropical garden/Coral Gables/Florida/USA. 5/15/2001. Spadix grew to 2 m. (6 feet, 7 1/2 inches) high. Same Corm bloomed in 1998 " Mr. Stinky".


45.2001. University of Wisconsin/Madison/Wisconsin/USA. 6/7/2001. First to bloom in Wisconsin. Named "Big Bucky". Bloom attracted over 30000 visitors. Spadix grew to 2.56 m. (8 feet, 5 inches) high. Flowers were pollinated with Pollen from Selby Botanical Gardens. Over 25 seedlings were planted in the field in Spring of 2003, at Montoso, Gardens, Puerto Rico by; Mohammad Mehdi Fayyaz Ph.D. Director of Botany Greenhouses and Botanical Garden University of Wisconsin-Madison and Bryan Brunner Fulton, Ph.D. Researcher and Head Horticulture Department University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus.


46.2001. University of Missouri/St. Louis/ Missouri/USA. 6/20/2001. Spadix grew to 1.22 m. (4 feet) high. Corm weight was 9.98 Kg. (22 pounds).


47.2001. Fairchild Tropical Garden/Coral Gables/Florida/USA. 6/27/2001. Spadix grew to 6 feet high. Named "Alice". In 1999 "Alice the Amorphophallus" donated her body to science when the bloom did not open.


48.2001. Land's Plantentuin Buitenzorg/Kebun Raya Bogor/Java/Indonesia. August of 1999. Same corm bloomed in 1994 and 1997.


49.2002. Royal botanical Garden/Kew/England. 5/1/2002. Spadix grew to 2.36 m. (7 feet 8.9 inches) high.


50. 2002. University of Washington/Seattle/USA. 5/29/2002. Spadix grew to 1.68 m. (5 feet 6 inches) high. Accession # is 4260-1.


51.2002. Royal botanical Garden/Kew/England. 6/1/2002. Spadix grew to 2.4 m. (7 feet 10.5 inches) high.


52.2002. Royal botanical Garden/Kew/England. 6/30/2002. "On Sunday 30 June our concerns were confirmed when the spadix collapsed without the flower having opened. It would appear that this final corm, the smallest of the three to flower in 2002, simply didn't have the energy reserves left for the flower to open".


53.2002. University of Washington/Seattle/USA. 7/12/2002. Spadix grew to 1.80 m. (5 feet 11 inches) high. Corm weight was 17.2 Kg. (38 pounds). Accession # 1693-1.


54.2002. Quail Botanical Gardens/Encinitas/California/USA. 7/18/2002.


55.2002 Wisconsin/Madison/Wisconsin/USA. 7/30-31/2002. Spadix grew to 1.73 m. (5 feet, 8 inches) high. Second plant to bloom in UW/Madison. Named �Titan 2�. �Titan 2� bloomed in 2005 too.


56.2002. Huntington Botanical Garden/California/USA. 8/7/2002. Spadix grew to 1.4 m. (4 feet, 7 inches) high. �Unfortunately, the cross pollination was not successful. After returning to the nursery, the plant withered without producing any fruit or seeds. (In 1999, fertilization resulted in viable seeds from which several healthy seedlings were propagated.) Botanists speculate that the plant may not have rested long enough between its blooms in 1999 and 2002 to store enough energy for the task�.


57.2002. University of Washington/Seattle/USA. 8/20/2002. Spadix grew to 2.07 m. (6 feet 9.72 inches) high. Corm weight was 20.41 Kg. (45 Pounds). Accession # 1693-2.


58.2002. Virginia Tech/Virginia/USA. 8/30/2002. Spadix grew to 1.35 m. (4 feet, 5 inches) high and Spathe grew to 0.75 m. (29 1/2 inches) in circumference.


59.2003. Flecker Botanic Gardens/Cairns/Queensland/Australia. Spadix grew to 0.6 m (1 foot, 11.5 inches) high. First to bloom in Australia.


60.2003. University of Washington/Seattle/USA. 2/25/2003. Corm weight was 34.02 Kg. (75 pounds). Accession # is 4307.


61.2003. Fairchild Tropical Garden/Coral Gables/Florida/USA. 5/5/2003. Named "Audrey III". Spadix grew to 1.85 m. (6 feet, 1 inch) high. Corm weight was 43 pounds when potted.


62.2003. Fairchild Tropical Garden/Coral Gables/Florida/USA. 5/12/2003. �Mr. Stinky�. Spadix grew to 2.13 m.  (7 feet, 1 inch) high. They weigh 'Mr. Stinky' corm on March 11, 2003. Corm stats at repotting: 34.2 kg, (76 pounds) and 0.56 m (22 inches). diameter. Flowers were pollinated with �Audrey III� pollens and set fruits.


63.2003. Botanical Garden/Bonn/Germany. 5/22/2003. Spadix grew to 2.74 m. (8 feet, 11.8 inches) high. Corm weight of was 77.97 Kg. (171.9 Pounds) before repotting. This plant bloomed once before in year 2000.


64.2003. Fullerton Arboretum/Fullerton/California/USA. 5/23/2003. Spadix grew to 1.25 m. (4 feet, 1 inch) high. Second bloom of �Tiffy�, first one was in summer of 2000.


65.2003. University of California/Davis/USA. 6/9/2003. Spadix grew to 1.1 m. (3 feet, 7 inches) high.  Named �Ted�.


66.2003. Royal Botanical Garden/Kew/England. 6/10/2003. �2002/3 - the specimens which flowered in 2002 and 2003 were grown both from seed donated to Kew in 1995 and from tiny micro propagated plants received from the botanic garden in Bonn in 1995. To build up the storage corms, they were potted on into 750 liters (198 Gal.) containers in 1999 although they were in full leaf at the time. When the leaves died down, the largest corm was placed in a 1,000 liters (264 Gal.) pot and the two smaller ones were put into new compost in 750 liter pots. For the next 14 months, they were grown behind the scenes at Kew in their Tropical Nursery. The plants were fed regularly with a high potash liquid fertilizer. In January 2002, while the plants were dormant, they were potted up again. The largest of the three corms, one of those grown from seed, weighed an astonishing 75 kg (165 pounds). As the new bud started to emerge the plant was transferred to the Princess of Wales Conservatory. During the day, the temperature is at least 24�C and at night it drops no lower than 19�C. The humidity is maintained at 70-80% � mimicking the conditions prevailing in the plant�s original rainforest� habitat.


67.2003. Marie Le Conservatoire Botanique/Brest/France. 7/2/2003. Spadix grew to 2.5 m. (8 feet 2.5 inches) high.


68.2003. United States Botanic Garden/Washington D.C./USA. 7/23/2003. They decided to donate the inflorescence to the National Herbarium at the Smithsonian Museum�s National Museum of Natural History.


69.2003. University of Washington/Seattle/USA. 8/06/2003. Spadix grew 2.13 m. (7 feet) high. Corm weight was 51.25 Kg. (113 pounds). Accession # is 4260-1.


70.2004. Cibodas Botanic Garden/Bogor/Indonesia. 3/11-14/2004. Spadix grew to 2.89 m. (9.5 feet) high.


71.2004. University of Connecticut/Storrs/USA. 7/6/2004. Spadix grew to 1.5 m. (4 feet, 11 inches) high. �Corm repotted; Corm weighed 89.5 pounds and was 0.54 m. (21 inches) in diameter. Corm in good shape and repotted into herbaceous mix in new 45 gallon container. Since they were doubtful whether pollination was successful, they opted to voucher the inflorescence shortly after it toppled.  It did stink really bad, but never fully reflexed as most do. We suspect that one (or both) of two things caused this bloom to act abnormally. First, due to decreased steam during summer months, the tropical house frequently dips into the mid to lower 15.5 C. (60' F) at night, even with thermostats wide open. Secondly, there were 24 hour security lights on just outside the greenhouse due to a construction project - this presumably threw off the plants circadian rhythm and thus the delay and unusual flowering times�.


 72.2004. Stephen F. Austin State University Mast Arboretum, Nacogdoches/Texas/USA. 7/12/2004. Spadix grew to 1.55 m. (5 feet, 1 inch) high. The SFA plant was received June 1, 2000 as a dorman fist-sized corm from Russell Adams of Gainesville Tree Farm in Florida. Corm weight was 11.80 kg. (26 pounds) in March 2004.  "Big Jack" took four years to bloom. Fresh pollen from the University of Connecticut plant (which was just finishing bloom) was used in a pollination attempt; however, that failed. Pollen from �Big Jack� was shipped to Disney world plant and that pollination attempt failedas well.  Jack collapsed after 91 hours open.  For more information on this blooming event:


73.2004. Walt Disney World/Animal Kingdom Park/Florida/USA. 7/17/2004. Spadix grew to 1.55 m. (5 feet, 1 inch) high. Tuber weight was 18.15 Kg. (40 pounds). They received the pollen �Jack� July 15 from Stephen Austin Arboretum and Pollination was carried out on Saturday (7/17).


74.2004. University of Washington/Seattle/USA. 7/24/2004. Corm weight was 20 Kg. (64 pounds). Pollen collected. Accession # is 4260-1.


75.2004. University of Washington/Seattle/USA. 7/31/2004. Spadix grew to 2.13 m. (7feet) high. Corm weight was 30.84 Kg. (68 pounds). Pollinated with pollen taken from blooming of 7/24/2004. Top half of spadix harvested 1/25/05: 424 fruits yielded 21 seeds. Bottom half harvested 6/8/05: 291 fruits yielded 59 seeds. 4/20/05: 52 seedlings @ 6-8� tall. Accession # is 1693-3.


76.2004. Atlanta Botanical Garden/Georgia/USA. 8/4/2004. Spadix grew to 2.09 m. (6 feet 10 inches) high. They attempted pollination.


77.2004. Virginia Tech/Virginia/USA. 8/4/2004. Spadix grew to 1.47 m. (4 feet, 10 inches) high.


78.2004. University of Wisconsin/Madison/Wisconsin/USA. 8/5/2004. Third one to bloom in UW-Madison. Spadix grew to 1.5 m. (4 feet 11 inches) high. "Little Stinker" The smallest of the three corm to flower in 2004. Before full bloom plant was kept in main lobby of Birge Hall (Botany Department). Since the temperature and humidity were low in the lobby, plant moved to the Botany Greenhouse for higher temperature and humidity to give it a boost to open up the spathe. After 48 hours in the greenhouse bloom was given 100 ppm of ethylene gas for 12 hours and next day spathe unfolded.


79.2004. University of California/Davis/California/USA. 8/13/2004. Spadix grew to 1.65 m. (5 feet 5 inches) high. Named �Tabatha the Titan�. One-year-old pollen, frozen from a bloom at Cal State Fullerton (�Tiffy the Titan�), used by the conservatory staff to pollinate Tabatha. A month after her bloom, Tabatha the Titan was on her way to making seeds at the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory, reports Curator Ernesto Sandoval.


80.2004. Cambridge University/Cambridge/England. 9/2/2004. Spadix grew to 1.54 m. (5 feet 1/2 inch) high. �Pollen couriered in from the Royal  Botanic Gardens at Kew. The attempt to pollinate the plant failed and the plant collapsed completely on Tuesday 28th September 2004. This was probably due to the pollen being to old." First time to bloom in Cambridge.


81.2004. University of Washington/Seattle/USA. 10/04/2004. spadix grew to 1.22 m. (4 feet) high. Accession # is 1693-2.


82.2004. Royal Botanic Gardens/Sydney/Australia. 10/6/2004. First time to bloom in Sydney and second time in Australia. Plant from 1993.


83.2005. Eden Project/Bodelva/Cornwall/England. 4/9/2005. Spadix grew to 2.24 m. (7 feet, 4 inches) high.


84.2005. Royal Botanical Garden/Kew/England. 4/21/2005. Spadix grew to 2.23 m. (7 feet, 4 inches) high. Pollens used from the specimen that bloomed almost simultaneously at the same time at the Eden Project. Fruits have developed and reached maturity.


85.2005. Fairchild Tropical Garden/Coral Gables/Florida/USA. 5/14/2005. � Alice�. Spadix grew to 1.9 m. (6feet, 2.5 inches) high. On March 30, 2005 before repotting corm was 36.3 Kg. (80 pounds), 0.30 m. (12 inches) high, 0.53 m. (21 inches) in diameter and 1.75 m. (69 inches) in circumference.



86.2005. University of California/Davis/USA. 5/30/2005. Spadix grew to 1.12 m. (3 feet, 8 inches) inches high. �Ted�. Ted's Corm weighed 19.50 Kg. (43 pounds) when it produced a bud on April 2. Plant displayed at the Conservatory of Flowers, San Francisco.


87.2005. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens/Sarasota/Florida/ USA. June of 2005.


88.2005. University of Wisconsin/Madison/Wisconsin/USA. 6/9/2005. Spadix of �Big Bucky� grew to 2.51 m. (8 feet 3 inches) high. Second time that �Big Bucky� bloomed. 'Big Bucky' on 6/7/01 was 2.56 m. (8 feet 5 inches) high and started to open at 12:45 P.M. This year it bloomed 6/9/05 and started to open at 12:45 P.M. too!!!


89.2005. Royal botanical Garden/Kew/England. 6/18/2005. "Spadix grew to 1.7 m. (5 feet, 7 inches) high. This particular flower grew from a much smaller corm and they didn't even expect it to flower in 2005.


90.2005. University of Wisconsin/Madison/Wisconsin/USA. 6/28/2005. Spadix grew to 1.55m. (5 feet 1 inch) high. Second time that ''Titan 2" bloomed.  It started to open on 7/30/02 at 2:00 P.M. and this year on 6/28/05 at 2:00 P.M.!!! Fifth bloom in UW Madison Botany Greenhouses.


91.2005. University of Washington/Seattle/USA. 6/29-30/2005. Displayed at the Volunteer Park Conservatory. Spadix grew to 1.75 m. (5 feet, 9 inches) high and 1.2 m. (47 inches) in diameter.  Named "Waldo". Female flowers were pollinated with �Ted� pollen from UC/Davis/California. �Waldo� did not cross with �Ted�. Accession # is 4260-3.


92.2005. Myriad Botanical Gardens/Oklahoma City/Oklahoma/USA. 6/29/2005. Spadix grew to 1.07 m. (3 feet, 6 inches) high. Named �King Richard�. Flowers were pollinated with FBTG pollens.


93.2005. University of California Botanical Garden/Berkeley/California/USA. 7/14/2005. Named �Trudy the Titan�. Spadix grew to 5 feet, 5 inches high. Grown by Bill Weaver/California and displayed in UC Berkeley Botanical garden. Spathe grew to 42 inches in diameter. Pollinated with pollen from UC/davis/California. and


94.2005. Botanic Garden/Gothenburg/Sweden. 7/14/2005. Spadix grew to 1.43 m. (4 feet, 8.2 inches) high.


95.2005. Smith College/Northampton/Massachusetts/USA. 8/8/2005. First blooming in Massachusetts. Plant grown from seed collected by Dr. James Symon in 1995. Corm weighed 18.14 Kg. (40 pounds) in spring of 2005.


96.2005. Walt Disney World/Animal Kingdom Park/Florida/USA.  9/5/2005. Spadix grew to 1.12 m. (44 inches) high. The spathe did slightly open and emit odor, but the stunting of the inflorescence turned out to be due to rot in the corm. They could not save the corm. There are still 2 large plants remaining in their collection and they've acquired 5 more seedlings for the future. So they looked forward to applying what we've learned from our mistakes to future flowerings.


97.2005. Royal botanical Garden/Kew/England. 9/28/2005. " A third titan arum for 2005 flowered on 28 September, a little later than earlier estimates, perhaps due to the cooler autumn temperatures and shortening day length. This particular flower grew from a record-breaking corm which weighed in at 91kg (200.62 pounds) when repotted in June this year."


98.2005. Stuttgart Zoological and Botanic Garden/Stuttgart/Germany.10/20/2005. Spadix grew to 2.94 m. (9 feet 7.5 inches) high. Named �Diva�. It took 11 years for this corm to bloom. Corm was weighing 40 Kg. (88.18 pounds) when brought from University of Frankfurt to the Stuttgart gardens. Coverage in Environment 7 Nature news stories. ,


99.2005. United States Botanic Garden in Washington D.C./USA. 11/19-21/2005. Spadix grew to 1.33m. (4 feet, 4.5 inches) high. Corm weighed over 45 Kg. (100 pounds). Pollens collected from the 2003 flowering (USBG specimen) were used to pollinate this plant. or





Numbers of Blooming of the Amorphophallus titanum in different countries.


United State of America: 50 times.

Germany: 17 times.

England: 14 times.

Indonesia: 9 times.

Netherlands: 4 times.

Australia: 2 times.

France: 1 time.

Sweden: 1 time.

Switzerland: 1 time.