The housemates have passed today's task. After a total of 20 hours and 20 minutes of swimming over two days they have successfully swum the length of the English Channel in the tiny outdoor pool.

"Oh my God," said Gerry as the group gathered in the living room to receive judgement from Big Brother.

"This is Big Brother," the housemates were told.

The wait was almost unbearable after a day of rumbling arguments among the housemates as they ploughed on with the seemingly endless swimming challenge.

"Congratulations," said Big Brother.

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Giving a huge cheer, high fives all round and embracing for a great big group hug, the housemates immediately put aside their differences to enjoy their success.

"Show me the money!" shouted Gerry. "Show me the money!"

"Thank you Big Brother," sighed a relieved Seány.

Swimming badges all round.