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Fall from Heaven II is a dark fantasy mod for Civilization IV. The Age of Ice has ended, what is left of the once great empires of man have formed into small tribes, ready to rebuild and retake that which was lost.

But the world is not empty. Hordes of barbarians await these new civilizations. Wild animals stalk hapless scouts and reckless emissaries. Giant spiders lie in patient wait in the jungles and the forests waiting for their prey to take that last, fatal, step.

There is great evil, but also selfless good. There are those who strive to remain neutral in the coming conflict as opposed ideologies break the world asunder once again. The first goal, is survival. The second goal is power, for good or ill.

Will you pursue power through strength of arms or arcane studies, through piety or blasphemy? Choose carefully. On each path you will meet allies, and bitter foes, and the deeper you delve into the secrets of combat, or sorcery, or the divine, the harder it will be to turn back.

New Features

For Vanilla Civ IV veterans, here is an article on the Differences from Vanilla CIV IV.

Spellcasting units can take promotions in the different spheres of magic, granting them access to new spells and abilities. A unit can cast spells if it has the Channeling I,II or III promotion, indicating what level of spells they can cast. There are different kinds of casters as well, being divided among Divine, Sorcery, and Conjuring magics. Casters gain experience slowly automatically, so there is no need to risk them in combat as they pursue their studies in the mystical arts.

Veteran units are now more valuable. The base promotions have been essentially doubled, making the difference between experienced units and greenhorns especially noticeable. Also, new anti-racial promotions have been added, become the scourge of the elves, if it suits your fancy.

In order to upgrade to the strongest units a unit must first prove itself worthy. Do you want to be an Immortal? Unable to die, and thus able to fight for all eternity? Then you have to be at least a Lv. 6 Maceman.

Not all religions are created equal, and some of them affect the alignment of your civilizations. If you choose to follow the vile practices of The Ashen Veil, your civilization will descend into the depths of Evil. You will of course be rewarded with immense arcane power, knowledge and the aid of Demons. On the other hand, if you follow the Runes of Kilmorph, you will be able to obtain the aid of the reclusive dwarves and make more gold than you could ever possibly spend.

In times of darkness and strife, heroes will rise to lead their civilizations to victory. Heroes are world units, that can only be built once. If they die, they cannot be rebuilt. Each civilization has at least one hero associated with it, as does each religion. Heroes gain experience each turn, meaning that in any given game, they will probably be your most powerful unit by far. They are capable of taking lightly defended cities by themselves, but they're only a short dogpile away from being dead, so protect them!

Specialization is the name of the game here, while you may be able to generalize into the first or second tier of techs, you're probably better off specializing in one of the various forms of combat or the arcane or the religious. Tech progression is noticeably slower in FfH, giving you an opportunity to play with those new toys you just discovered. There are also religious specific techs, that cannot be researched unless you follow the appropriate state religion.

Victory can be achieved in several ways. There are the standard conquest options (last one standing, and domination) and cultural (Three cities of legendary culture). There is the tower of mastery victory condition, a magic victory requiring you to build the 4 lesser towers of each spell sphere, and then control all different types of mana and build the tower of mastery. Then there is the Altar of the Luonnatar victory. You can reach this victory by sacrificing one Great Prophet for each version of the altar. The final altar needs to be built. Finally, there is a religious victory that happens when your founded state religion has sway over 80% of the population.

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