Webster's Dictionary defines spirit as "the vital principle or animating force in living beings."  It is the core and proverbial backbone of a person.  Without a spirit, the body cannot continue to exist and becomes only as a shell of itself.

The concept of spirit does not only apply to humans.  Instead it can find its relevance in many facets of life, such as school.  Without the presence of school spirit, it is impossible for school to exist in any form other than at its most basic functioning.

Thus the purpose of Panther Rage can be found.  Panther Rage exists to promote and maintain the highest level of school spirit possible at Florida International University .  It represents the life force of FIU and strives to foster all aspects of the Golden Panther Tradition.

Whether it be football, basketball, baseball or any other of the many men's and women's sports FIU participates in, Panther Rage is always first to show support for all FIU athletics.  By encouraging pride in FIU athletics and increasing attendance at games, Panther Rage increases and enhances the college experience in the FIU community as a whole.

School spirit is what separates a great university from a regular school.  It is the explicit duty of Panther Rage to foster this spirit in the FIU community so that  the proverbial soul of FIU can thrive for many years to come.   Whether it be through attending athletic games, hosting large events, initiating dynamic programs, Panther Rage does whatever it can to instill pride and tradition into the students of FIU.


New Info coming soon! If you need to contact Panther Rage, please contact Ryun Alli or email Panther Rage at rage@fiu.edu