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Academy of Clinical Thyroidologists (ACT)

Mission Statement

The mission of ACT is to promote communication, collegiality, education and facilitation for physicians who are actively engaged or desire to become engaged in the clinical practice of thyroidology, either as a full time activity or as a major component of their professional career.


  1. To promote the certification of endocrinologists in diagnostic ultrasound, UG-FNA, and nuclear thyroidology.
  2. To encourage endocrinologists to develop the skills needed to practice clinical thyroidology exclusively.
  3. To meet initially 1-2 times annually for a clinically oriented program providing education and new information to ACT members in the field of clinical thyroidology; and, preferentially in conjunction with annual meetings of the American Thyroid Association and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists which represent organizations directly identified with thyroid diseases and clinical practice.
  4. To foster relationship, liason and supportive role with all endocrine related organizations.
  5. To encourage our physicians to acquire knowledge in thyroid cytopathology, through workshops for clinical thyroidologists.
  6. To provide various “hands on” programs for our membership via a preceptorship model where thyroidologists can learn standard or new procedures.
  7. To provide a members only email network to discuss issues important to their practice and a venue for presentation, consultation and management of unusual or problematic thyroid disorders.
  8. To promote member clinical thyroidologists through an internet based referral network.


Founded in May 2005, in Washington DC, ACT is a professional society of 32 members from the U.S. and Italy who specialize in clinical thyroidology. ACT is promoting clinical expertise through a single field approach to endocrine practice. Our members practice 50-100% clinical thyroidology. We promote excellence in practice, by recommending our members acquire skills in diagnostic and interventional ultrasound, nuclear thyroidology, and cytopathology as a basic core of activities in order to practice at the highest performance level and achieve the best outcomes for  our patients.

Executive Council,
President: Richard Guttler MD

Founding Members:
H . Jack Baskin MD, Daniel S. Duick MD, Richard Guttler, MD

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Dr. Richard B. Guttler M.D., F.A.C.E.


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