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Become a DJ!

Who can become a DJ?

Any member of the college or any adult member of the surrounding community is welcome to enter the hallowed ranks of WCFM's amateur disc jockeys.

What does it require?

Two hours of training class, which covers station policies and the operation of all the equipment, are required. Trainees must observe two hours of live broadcast in the studio and spend two hours in the production studio practicing with the equipment. They are then ready to take a practical test, during which the DJ demonstrates mastery of all the little things that make music come out of your radio. People passing the test must perform one hour of community service at the station, filing CDs or fixing things. (Note: only one person has failed the test... ever.)
After the training (a mere seven hours) and test, a new DJ is born, ready to broadcast!

Why is this training required?

Every DJ you hear on WCFM has been through the same training. That's not just a good idea, it's the law. The FCC, the college, and the current members of the station all have a vested interest in assuring the quality and legality of what passes through our transmitter.
That having been said, training is not an arduous process, and new DJs often find that they can take or share a slot immediately.

When can you be trained?

Training is conducted at the beginning of both semesters and Winter Study. For further information contact our Personnel Director, Veda Igbinedion.
To get in your observation hours, contact any member of the board or any other DJs. We love visitors.

Important: Before you come to a training session, take a look at our training manual (pdf)