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This page provides resources to developers who wish to create applications to work with Timex products and software

WristApp Development   Write an application to run on the watch
Import Plug-In Development   Write a PC application to import data
Interface Software Development   Write a PC application to communicate to the watch
Protocol/Database Development   Write applications for other operating systems to communicate with the watch.
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Getting Started

Getting Started with WristApps
This document shows the installation of the WristApp utilities and demonstrates how a WristApp is compiled. [Size 101KB PDF] Download

WristApp Tools

WristApp SDK Installer
Download and execute this installer to setup all the required executables in creating the WristApp. The WristApp guide assumes that all the files have been installed in the required directory. [Size 14. 4MB ZIP] Download

WristApp Guides

WristApp Design Guide
This guides provides an overview of the watch OS and how it processes system events to be passed to the WristApp for further processing. [Size 2. 6MB PDF] Download

Making WristApp Installer Compatible File
This guide provides an overview of how to create WristApps that support the Timex WristApp Installer. [Size 5 KB TXT] Download

Counter WristApp Design Guide
A step-by-step guide to build the Counter WristApp - from design specification, source code creation, compilation of the source files and creating the files required to download the WristApp to the watch. [Size 2.1MB PDF] Download

WristApp API Reference Guide
List of all the routines provided by the watch OS. [Size 872KB PDF]

WristApp PIM Plugin Design Guide
A guide that demonstrates how to create a DLL for editing/viewing WristApp data via the PIM running on the PC. This guide illustrates installing the DLL, creating the DLL, and interfacing with the PIM software. [Size 424KB ZIP] Download

Periodic Task Design Guide
A step-by-step guide to creating a periodic task – code modules that are attached to the Time-Of-Day application and executed at regular intervals. A sample periodic task is discussed that blanks out the display after a minute rollover. [Size1.3MB PDF] Download

Design Considerations

Power Consumption Guide
A document that shows possible WristApp software design considerations that can minimize current drain on the watch battery. [Size 16KB PDF] Download

Terminate and Stay Resident Code
A guide to developing a special type of periodic task that plugs into the built-in Time-of-Day main processing code to enhance TOD functionality. A sample code shows how to tap into the update events passed to the TOD application to be manipulated during a minute data update. [Size 48KB PDF] Download

Sample WristApps

Counts up (or down) the number of switch depressions.  This can serve as a general reference for WristApp design as well as a reference for the generic blink APIs. [Size 16KB ZIP] Download

World Time
Displays the 24 time zones specified in a PC configuration application. This shows how the eeprom database access APIs are how the scrolling APIs are used. The PC interface to configure the database for download is included. [Size 104KB ZIP] Download

Battle alien ships before they reach the point of no return. This sample WristApp shows the use of the primitive pixel display APIs. This WristApp can serve as reference to building state handlers that is greater than the limited overlay area. [Size 20KB ZIP] Download

A Demo application that shows the feature set of the watch. [Size 14KB ZIP] Download

Screen Saver – Blank
Sample periodic task source code that implements a simple screen saver -- blank out the TOD display.[Size 1.8KB ZIP] Download

Countdown Timer
Source code for the built-in (ROM-based) countdown timer. This code shows how the eeprom database access APIs, pop-ups, blinking, data setting using the crown, and system resources are used.[Size 1 30 KB ZIP] Download


Import Plug-In Design Guide
A guide for developing a utility that plugs into the Timex Data Link USB PC software to allow data to be imported from a new source. [Size 372KB PDF] Download


Packager API Design & Usage Guide
An instructional text and tools that show how to create Windows based programs that interface directly with the watch. Microsoft Visual C++ and Visual Basic users may use the included files to create software that integrates with the Data Link USB watch. [Size 557 KB ZIP] Download


Data Link USB Communication Protocol and Database Design Guide
This document explains how the USB communication protocol between the watch and the PC works. It also describes how to create databases for all of the built-in applications.
[Size 532 KB PDF]

Timex Data Link USB discussion forum


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