HOUSTON – Candice Michelle defeated Melina at Vengeance: Night of Champions to capture her first WWE Women’s Championship.

The Candy-licious Diva had been in pursuit of the title after scoring numerous victories over Melina in non-title action, both in one-on-one encounters and tag matches. The heated rivalry between the two Raw Divas included the Pudding Match at One Night Stand, which Candice also won.

Despite the aggressiveness of the champion in front of the sold-out crowd at the Toyota Center in Houston, Candice was able to complete her journey from cover girl to champion with a spinning heel kick to shock Melina. After her victory, the newly crowned champion let her emotions out, with her newly-won gold in hand, much to the disgust of the A-list Diva. Candice was visibly shaken by her victory as she made her way to the locker room area, where the choked-up Women’s Champion said, “I was always told I couldn’t do it and couldn’t be a contender and would never be a good wrestler. That I was just an actress, that I was just eye candy. It’s taken more than three years for me to prove that’s not true.”

Melina had claimed for weeks that she was the most dominant Diva in WWE, but after losing her title, she is now looking up to a new queen of the sports-entertainment world – the WWE Women’s Champion Candice Michelle.

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