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    How it Works


    The Tourney Program is Fantasy Flight's organized play program for A Game of Thrones. Through the Tourney Program, players can search online for tourney sites near them, track their rankings and compare them with other players throughout the globe, and get cool prizes and promo cards.

    Signing Up:

    All you really have to do to participate is register as a player and show up to an official tourney! If you haven't used the tourney site before, you'll need to click the "Player Registration" link to enter your username as password of your choice. Usernames and passwords are not case specific, so it doesn't matter whether you enter them in upper or lower case, or any combination. Once you've registered you'll show up on the standings pages and can now receive points for participating in tourneys.

    Points and Standings:

    Everyone who plays in official tourneys begins to accumulate points that affect their worldwide standings. Fantasy Flight Games's organized play program uses the ELO system, in which players are rated based on the quality of their competition. For a more comprehensive explanation of the ELO system click here.

    Taking the Black:

    If there's no tourney site in your area, you can choose to take the black yourself and become a member of the Night's Watch. You will see a link on the left-hand side of the page labeled "Take the Black." When you click the "Take the Black" link you'll be taken to a page describing the responsibilities and benefits of being a member and running tourneys yourself. In short, Night's Watch members are required to schedule tourneys, register players, and enter results. For this you receive the same promotional prize as the first place winner of each supported tourney you run. There can be more than one Night's Watch member per store, and you can run events at multiple stores.

    FFG Support:

    While each store can run as many as two tourneys a week, FFG will send support for one tourney per month. FFG support includes prizes for first, second, and third place players as well as various promotional and demo material, depending upon what's available at the time.

    Promo Tourneys:

    Occasionally FFG will sponser special global promo tourneys. These can be run in conjunction with a supported tourney, or run as a seperate event. FFG will send enough promo cards so everyone who participates gets a copy.

    Message Board:

    FFG has a special Night’s Watch only forum at www.agameofthrones.com/brds/.  Once you are approved as a member, contact the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch here to be granted access to a discussion with fellow tourney organizers to exchange tips and suggestions for stimulating your local play group.


    We welcome international Night's Watch members! Night's Watch members may be located anywhere in the world and have full access to the tourney software and ranking. FFG will pay the postage to send the support packages anywhere in the world.


    Email Email the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch here with any questions.