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    What is A Game of Thrones?

    A Game of Thrones is a collectible card game based on George Martin's well-known fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire. A Game of Thrones takes place in the world of Westeros, during an age of glory, intrigue and betrayal. Each player takes on the role of one of the six great houses: Lannister, Baratheon, Stark, Greyjoy, Targaryen or Martell, in an epic struggle to control the Iron Throne and the ultimate fate of the world! To find out more about the great houses, please click on the banners at the bottom of the page.

    Getting Started

    So you've decided to heed the call, and take up arms in defense of your House! Let's tell you something about the game.

    A Game of Thrones is a collectible card game, which means that each player constructs their own deck from a large number of available cards. Though each player's deck consists of around 60 cards, there are many, many more cards for players to choose from. To see a list of all the AGOT sets FFG has released, click here.

    If you haven't played A Game of Thrones before, we suggest purchasing the Iron Throne Edition Starter decks. These decks contain everything two people need to begin playing the game.

    Complete rules for A Game of Thrones can be found here.

    After you've played a few games, you may want to customize your deck. We recommend you purchase booster packs to expand your collection. Booster packs are individual packs of 11 randomly assorted cards, which you can use to upgrade your deck. Fantasy Flight Games releases an expansion of booster packs every 3-4 months, to ensure a constantly evolving game play environment. To see what expansions are currently available, go here.

    A Game of Thrones is intended for ages 12 and up, and can be played by 2-6 players.