December 1995

Cover Story: Cheap Thrills (cool toys for under $150) / A Day in the Life: MIDI Under the Big Top / Tuning Up (dynamic intonation for your synths) / Hot Licks (turn your sampler into a guitar hero) / ProFile: Throwing Stones (Glass House) / Service Clinic: Analog Service, Part 3 / Square One: Watt & Volts & Logs, Oh My! / Recording Musician: Unplugged and Dangerous / Desktop Musician: Multimedia Demos / Tech Page: Interactive Light / REVIEWS: Clavia Nord Lead; Peavey Spectrum Organ; Artic Software Tabestry 2.0 (Win);Yamaha MU80; Charlie Lab Digitar; M&K S-90 / V-125 speaker system; Roland GI-10; Synclavier S / Link 2.0 (Mac)

November 1995

A Day in the Life: Keeping Score (Laura Karpman scoring feature films) / Got You Covered (recording cover versions of classic songs) / Cover Story: Little Monsters (multimedia speaker face-off) / Living Fossils (new modular analog synths) / ProFile: Stream of Consciousness (Nick Peck) / Recording Musician: Hard Copy (writing down your recording session info) / Service Clinic: Analog Service, Part 2 / Square One: Stop That Racket! / Working Musician: Get Serious / Tech Page: AudioActivity / REVIEWS: Roland VG-8; Spectral Prisma Music 1.08 (Win);Spectrasonics Supreme Beats; Novation BassStation Rack; Passport Alchemy 3.0 (Mac); E-mu Emulator IV; DigiTech GSP-2101

October 1995

Production Values: Audio Visionary (Tony Visconti) / Creative Space: Wright at Home (Gary Wright) / Cover Story: Power Tools (power amp shoot out) / Lip Service (record glorious vocal tracks) / Flash in the RAM (software synthesis) / Pro\File: Fusion Zone (Jacky Schreiber) / Multimedia Musician: Going Full Throttle (LucasArts video game) / Working Musician: Networking with E-Mail / Square One: Space: The Final Frontier (3-D audio processors) / Service Clinic: Analog Service, Part 1 / Tech Page: Online Radio (listen while on the WWW)REVIEWS: E-mu ESI-32; Symetrix 488 / A.R.T. MDM-8L; Dauz Drum Kit; Roland DM-800; Steinberg ReCycle! 1.1 (Mac); dbx 290; Ditto Discs / Kat Kits; Sabine FBX-1802; DigiTech Studio Vocalist

September 1995

FrankenSynth (roundtable on programming synths) / The Master's Touch (mastering techniques) / Cover Story: Musical Windows (four Windows sequencers compared) / Day in the Life: Homicidal Maniac (Douglas J. Cuomo / Homicide) / Pro\File: The Proof's in the Pudding (Coyote Pudding) / Working Musician: Hand Over Hand (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) / Square One: Patch Me Through! (patch bays) / Service Clinic: Dealing with DOAs / Tech Page: HDCD Hoopla / REVIEWS: Roland XP-50; Alesis Midiverb 4; Fatar Studio 1100; Free Play World Music Menus (Mac); Voce Electronic Piano; KAT trapKAT; Miroslav Vitous Orchestra Samples

August 1995

Cover Story: Groove Thangs (how to slam down rhythm tracks) / Bang A Gong (programming five percussion styles) / Windows 95 Preview / Creative Space: Home Alone (Lyle Workman) / Pro\File: In His Mind's Eye (Michael Mehl) / Square One: Premastering Techniques / Service Clinic: Tricks of the Trade / Recording Musician: Moving On Up / Multimedia Musician: The Sound Card Dilemma / Tech Page: Super CD / Reviews: Tascam 488 mkII Portastudio; KRK K•RoK; Vestax HDR-6; WinJammer Software WinJammer Pro v. 4.02 (Win); Gregory Paul Productions George Clinton; Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro; Ensoniq ASR-10 v. 3.0; Morning Star MacWavemaker

July 1995

Day In the Life: Harvey Wallbangers (Alex Harvey tribute) / Cover Story: Online Juke Joints (online music services) / The Hitchhiker's Guide to Plug-Ins / Dream Sequences (preproduction techniques for sequencing) / ProFile: Harping on MIDI (Gary Garritan) / Service Clinic: Soldering, Part 2 / Working Musician: Welcome to the Frontier (jobs in multimedia) / Recording Musician: The Listening Room (arranging monitor speakers well) / Tech Page: Biomolecular Computers / REVIEWS: Generalmusic SX3; Bag End Studio System A; EMAGIC SoundDiver 1.5 (Mac); Eye & I Steve Reid Definitive Percussion Sampler; Mediatech Innovations Rhythm Brainz Plus (Win); Symbolic Sound Kyma System 4.0 (Mac, Win)

June 1995

Creative Space: Bringing It All Back Home (Clair Marlo) / From Studio to Stage (live MIDI tracks sans sequencer) / Cover Story: Retro•Active (new takes on old technologies) / DIY: Build a Better Bass Trap / ProFile: Nomadic Tribe (The Vatchers) / Square One: Nearer My Monitor to Thee / Working Musician: Showcasing for A&R / Multimedia Musician: Family Portraits / Service Clinic: Soldering, Part 1 / Tech Page: Nifty Notation (NIFF) / REVIEWS: Alesis QuadraVerb 2; Audix OM-5; Steinberg Time Bandit 1.5 (Mac); Barbetta Sona 32C Pro; D.A.L. FastEddie 3.33; The Digital Kitchen Definitive Grooves; Studio Electronics SE-1; Lexicon Reflex

May 1995

Pop Charts (Richard Carpenter) / Cover Story: The MIDI Samba (world-beat sequencing) / Production Values: Renaissance Man (Bill Nelson) / DIY: Build the EM Optical Theremin / ProFile: Quite Contrary (Her Majesty the Baby) / Square One: Microphonic Machinations / Multimedia Musician: VuJack City / Working Musician: Dissecting a Deal / Service Clinic: Do-It-Yourself Service, Part 2 / Recording Musician: Faking It / Tech Page: XM Marks the Spot / REVIEWS: Yamaha W5; Neumann KM 184; Lexicon PCM 80; Twelve Tone Systems Cakewalk Pro 3.0 (Win); EMAGIC Logic Audio 2.0 (Mac); Yorkville 300K; ddrum ddrum 3; IRCAM SVP 1.2 (Mac)

April 1995

Historical Notes (MIDI production on documentary soundtrack) / Cover Story: Mighty Mics (dynamic mics under $200) / Six-String Sequencing (MIDI guitar performance) / A Day in the Life: House Party (Al Eaton) / ProFile: Dreamwalking (Paul Haslinger) / Multimedia Musician: JumpCut Orchestra / Working Musician: Welcome to the Jungle / Square One: EQ Explained / Service Clinic: Do-It-Yourself Service, Part 1 / Tech Page: Fuzzy MIDI / REVIEWS: Korg WD1 Wavedrum; BOSS RV-70; Cool Shoes and DrumTrax Drum Libraries; Opcode Overture (Mac); DigiTech DHP-33; Big Fish Ross Garfield Drums; Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 3.0 (Windows)

March 1995

All Mixed Up, Part 2: Tone Sculptures / Cover Story: Tabletop Orchestras (general MIDI module shoot out) / Production Values: Flying Solo in a Deep Cave (Patrick O'Hearn) / The MIDI Polka (MIDI accordions) / ProFile: Taylor-Made (Taylor 808) / Service Clinic: Technician's Tool School / Multimedia Musician: Spinning Through Kaleidospace / Working Musician: The Face Behind the Curtain / Tech Page: Zippity Doo Dah / REVIEWS: Ensoniq KT-88 / 3D Sound The Piano CD-ROM / A.R.T. RXR Elite / Turtle Beach Quad Studio 1.0 (Windows) / Massey SoundMorph 1.08 (Mac) / Yamaha RY20 / PG Music Band-in-a-Box Pro 6.0 (Windows)

February 1995

Quadraphenia (how-to on Alesis QuadraSynth) / Cover Story: Movie Studios (audio / video on a multimedia machine) / Creative Space: Voices Carry (Sarah McLachlan) / All Mixed Up, Part 1 (how-to pro mixdown session) / ProFile: Funkin’s Groovin’ (Bobby Byrd) / Working Musician: Musical Monopoly (how to finance your band) / Multimedia Musician: Rock and Soul Expeditions / Square One: On the Right Path (signal mixers) / Service Clinic: A Crisis in Service / Recording Musician: Acoustic Alchemy (recording steel-string guitars) / REVIEWS: Yamaha ProMix 01 / MOTU FreeStyle (Mac) / Peavey Spectrum Analog Filter synth / Invision Pinder Mellotron CD-ROM / TB Systems SoftMC (PC) / Korg G4 rotary speaker simulator / Wildcat Canyon Autoscore (Mac) / Rolls RP220 / Ilio Synclavier CD-ROM Library / Tech Page: FAR Out

January 1995

Cover Story: Editors' Choice / Disc-O-Mania / Creative Space: Craig Chaquico / Six-String Symphonies / Pro/File: Darkness, Darkness: Lisa Germano / Working Musician: Riding the Airwaves / Multimedia Musician: A Digital Encounter / Square One: Dynamic Duos, Part 2 / Service Clinic / Tech Page: Gently Down the MediaStream / REVIEWS: E-mu UltraProteus; Genelec 1030A; Dr. T's QuickScore Pro (Windows); React Recordings Analog Keyboard Bass; Steinberg Cubase Audio 2.0 (Mac); Fostex RD-8

December 1994

The Interactive Concert Stage / Cover Story: All That Jazz (jazz orchestration) / Sonic Sorcery (programming the Ensoniq TS-10 and TS-12) / The Gender Gap (women producers) / Pro/File: It's Alive: Marshall Crenshaw / Square One: Dynamic Duos, Part 1 / Multimedia Musician: Green Jelly Oozes Out / Recording Musician: Fear of Stereo / Working Musician: Surviving Club Gigs / Service Clinic / Tech Page: Neurotic Synthesis / REVIEWS: Kurzweil PC88; Sound Quest MIDI Quest 4.0 (Windows); Audix PH25; GeneralMusic S2R; Q Up Arts David Torn / Tonal Textures; BBE 362NR / SPL Vitalizer; Tech 21 Tri-O.D.; Aquila MR2

November 1994

Home Movies / Cover Story: Boom Boxes (monitors) / Unearthing Antiquities / Racking Your Brain / Hand in Hand / ProFile: Musical Minimalism: The Overlords / Square One: The Mod Squad / Multimedia Musician: The Beat Goes On / Recording Musician: Looney Bin / Working Musician: Anatomy of a Record Deal / Service Clinic / Tech Page: Virtual Synthesizer / REVIEWS: Soundscape Hard-Disk Recorder; E-mu Vintage Keys Plus; Lexicon NuVerb; Award Matchbox DI; Starr Ztar 634-D; Q Up Arts Jason Miles Psychic Horns; Sound Sculpture Switchblade-16; Phonic PCL 3200 / ART C2

October 1994

Creative Space: Eric Garcia / Cover Story: Magical Mystery Tours (Internet resources for musicians) / Diving Into Digital (affordable PC hard-disk recording) / Noise Killers (eliminate hiss from your studio) / ProFile: Loop the Loop: Ian Broudie / Square One: Shift Happens / Multimedia Musician: QuickTime 2.0 / Recording Musician: DAT Mastering at Home / Working Musician: Singles Going Steady / Service Clinic / Tech Page: Sixteen Will Get You Twenty / REVIEWS: Alaska Software DigiTrax 1.0 (Mac); Novation BassStation; ADA MP-2; Turtle Beach MultiSound Monterey card; Kawai KC20; Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1; Altech GMS 1.1.1 (Mac); Aphex 105 and 106

September 1994

Swabbing the Deck (cleaning decks) / The Beat Generation (creating drum sounds) / Cover Story: The British Invasion (mixers) / Author! Author! / ProFile: Back in the Groove: Booker T. & the MGs / Recording Musician: Resonance and Radiation / Multimedia Musician: Are AV Drives For Real? / Square One: Delayed Gratification / Working Musician: Get a (Day) Job! / Service Clinic / Tech Page: The Ears Hear It / REVIEWS: Oberheim OB-MX; Sony HR-MP5; Roland JV-90; BeBop Systems LimeLight 1.51 (D)S); Yamaha FX770; Jupiter SYstems MDT (Mac); Aware Speed of Sound Vol. 1: SFX; Sampleheads Peter Erskine Living Drums!; Golden Ears Audio Ear-Training Program

August 1994

Morphology / The Handwriting on the Wall (Amiga / Atari fate) / Cover Story: Virtual Pop (pop orchestration) / The Sound of Thunder (Frank Serafine) / Pro/File:Boingo Sing-Along / Square One: In the Hall of the Reverb King / Multimedia Musician: One From the Heart / Recording Musician: How to Catch String Fever / Working Musician: The Sound of One Hand Clapping / Service Clinic / Tech Page: Multilayered CDs / REVIEWS: Aboretum Systems Hyperprism 1.1 (Mac); MIDI Mark Dance Construction Set; Roland SDE-330 and SRV-330; Yamaha TG300; Twelve Tone Systems Cakewalk Home Studio (Mac); Jump! Concertware Pro (Mac)

July 1994

Dance Partners / Cover Story: The Grand Illusion / Open Borders / DIY: Build the EM Submixer / ProFile: Picture This: Julius Vitali / Working Musician: Children's Music Markets / Multimedia Musician: Out of Thomas Dolby's Headspace / Service Clinic / Square One: Tower of TechnoBabel / Tech Page: Perfect Pitch / REVIEWS: Alesis QuadraSynth; Yamaha MT8X multitrack cassette; Roland S-760 sampler; Allen & Heath GL2 mixing board; Shure Beta 87 mic; MIDI Solutions MIDI Processors

June 1994

The ABCs of Digital Tape / Cover Story Masters from Ministudios (cassette multitracks) / From Disc to Disk (audio cds) / Share & Share Alike / Pro/File: Live and Kickin': Tim O'Brien & the O'Boys / Service Clinic / Multimedia Musician: Taking It On the Road / Working Musician: Going Commercial / Recording Musician: Recording A Cappella Groups / Tech Page: Trion Music / REVIEWS: Yamaha VL1; Howling Dog Power Chords Pro (PC); Kurzweil MicroPiano and Roland P-55; usWaves Q10 (Mac); Sampleheads Will Lee Bass Library; MESA / Boogie TriAxis

May 1994

Big Game Hunting / Cover Story: In Your Face (mic shootout) / Power for the Rest of Us (power Macs) / Pro/File: Technological Zen: Patrick Moraz, John Cage Tribute / Service Clinic / Working Musician: The Fine Art of Self-Promotion / Square One: Installing PC Sound Cards / Multimedia Musician: 3DO / Recording Musician: Staying Alive / Tech Page: MIDI On The Brain / REVIEWS: E-mu Morpheus; Opcode Vision 2.0 (Mac); Lexicon Vortex; Tap Nightingale 1.3 (Mac); dbx Project 1

April 1994

Creative Space: Jonathan Wolff / Cover Story: All For One / Cruising The Internet / Teach Your Children / Recording Musician: Composite Vocal Tracks / Multimedia Musician: Scoring for the Small Screen / Service Clinic / From the Top: Dolby Surround / Working Musician: Insuring Your Gear / Tech Page: Spaced Out / REVIEWS: Coda Finale Allegro / Passport Encore 3.0 (Mac); DigiTech TSR-24; Alesis Monitor One; Peavey Versamix; ECS Lime 2.22 (Mac); Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum 16; Pro/File: Tracking a Legend: Nick Martinelli

March 1994

London Calling / Virtual Effects / Cover Story: Virtual Mixing / DIY: Build the EM Fatman / From The Top: Microtuning / Multimedia Musician: Interactive Installations / Working Musician: Hiring A Producer / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: OSC Deck 2.0 (Mac); Fostex 380S Multitracker / Peavey Autograph II / KRK Model 6000 / Lexicon JamMan / Twelve Tone Systems Cakewalk Pro for Windows 2.0 (PC); Neumann TLM 193; Dr. T's Omega II (Atari);Pro/File: Crazy Crew: Bela Fleck

February 1994

Creative Space / Model Music / Maximum FX / The Acoustic Home Studio / From The Top: Electronic Expression / Working Musician: Hiring an Engineer / Computer Musician: Using Windows MIDI Software / Multimedia Musician: The Interactive Todd Rundgren / Recording Musician: High-Output Tape and dbx / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Emagic Notator Logic Audio (Mac); Big Noise MIDI Maxpak (PC); Akai DR4d; Mackie 8•Bus Mixer;Turtle Beach WAVE / Sonic Foundry Sound Forge (PC); Musitek MIDIscan (PC); A.R.T. FXR Elite / ProFile: Digital Barn Dance:Kate Bush

January 1994

Training Reels / Editor's Choice / The Great Cable Debate / Random Access / Multimedia Musician: Lucasarts Games / From The Top: Sysex Hex / Recording Musician: Classic Recordings / Service Clinic / REVIEWS:Yamaha SPX990; MOTU Unisyn (Mac); Sony DPS-F7 Dynamic Filter; Mackie Designs OTTO-1604; Johnny C's Vintage & Custom Snare Drum Samples; BOSS SE-70 Super Effects Processor; Digidesign Turbosynth SC (Mac) / ProFile: Six Strings In Stereo: Alex de Grassi

December 1993

DIY: Build the EM TubeHead / Sound Bargains / A Place For Everything / Big Bang Boom (MIDI Percussion) / From The Top: Multitimbral MIDI / Working Musician: Ten Ways To Kick-Start Inspiration / Recording Musician: Maximum Compression / Computer Musician: Backing Up Digital Audio / REVIEWS: Korg X3; Coda Finale 3.0; Marantz PMD740; Akai S2800: Innovative Quality Software SAW (PC); Samson MPL 2242; Digidesign SampleCell II; Speck Xtramix; Softronics WinSong (PC) / ProFile: Declaring Independence (Boston Fielder)

November 1993

Speak Out! (speaker design) / Home Improvement (20 productivity-enhancing tips) / The Proper Ambience (creative reverb programming) / Naughty Bits (digital audio) / From The Top:Basic Audio Connections, Part 2 / Recording Musician: Gain Stages / Multimedia Musician: Interactive CD Audio / Working Musician: Contract Combat / Service Clinic / Computer Musician: The Open Music System / REVIEWS: Ensoniq TS-10 Synthesizer; Tascam Porta 07 Ministudio; Alesis BRC Master Remote Control; Jupiter Systems Infinity (Mac); Etymotic Research ER-4 Earphones; Digital Designs M6 Monitors; Roland TDE-7K Drum System; beyerdynamic M 54 Mic; Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 ASP / Wave Blaster (PC) / Pro-File: Excitement At Your Feet (George Martin)

October 1993

Modular Music Machines (sound modules) / The Electronic Orchestra, Part 2 (symphonic music) / Brave New World (multitrack digital recorders) / Sound All Around (digital-audio networks) / DIY: Build the EM Hiss Whacker / From The Top: Basic Audio Connections, Part 1 / Computer Musician: Crossing Platforms / Multimedia Musician: Computer Audio Monitors / Service Clinic / Recording Musician: EQ Workshop / Working Musician: Collaboration Without Combat / REVIEWS: Tascam DA-88 Multitrack Recorder; Roland JD-990 Synthesizer; Digidesign Pro Tools 2.0 Hard-Disk Recorder; Soundcraft Spirit Folio Mixer; Sony TCD-D7 Portable DAT; Hughes & Kettner Tubeman Guitar Preamp / Pro-File: The Heart Of Mann (Aimee Mann)

September 1993

Cool Schools / The Electronic Orchestra, Part 1 (creating symphonic music) / Maximizing Sample RAM / Speed Sequencing / From The Top: MIDI Basics, Part 2 / Multimedia Musician: CD Encyclopedias / Recording Musician: Putting a Sparkle on Analog / Working Musician: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Digidesign Session 8;Mark of the Unicorn Digital Performer 1.4 (Mac); Opcode Musicshop 1.0 (Mac; Yamaha QY20 Music Sequencer; Sonic Solutions Sonic Quattro Hard-Disk Recorder (Mac); Sennheiser Proforce Microphones; PG Music Powertracks 1.0 (PC) / Pro-File: Synthetic Metal (Faith No More)

August 1993

Modern Manuscripts (notation software) / The Power and The Glory (power amps) / Cover Story: The Digital Debate (MD vs. DCC) / From the Top: MIDI Basics, Part 1 / Computer Musician: The Best Of Both Worlds (power sequencing) / Multimedia Musician: Quicktime Movie Sound / Recording Musician: The Digital Domain (recordings) / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Peavey DPM SI Synthesizer; Roland SP-700 Sample Player; KAT dk10 Percussion Controller; dbx 172 Supergate; Rock Solid Sounds Solid Monitor System / Pro-File: The Electric Cello (Jami Sieber)

July 1993

Cover Story: On The Beat (drum machines) / Colors For Your Canvas (Roland Sound Canvas) / The Age of Wireless / EM All-Access Pass: Scoring A Film Soundtrack\From The Top: Mixdown Basics (multitrack mixing)\Computer Musician: Card Tricks\Recording Musician: Mixing With Delay\Working Musician: Rave New World / REVIEWS: Akai S01 Sampler; Lexicon Alex Effects Processor; Musicator GS For Windows; Fatar Studio 2001 Master Keyboard; KRK 7000 Close-Field Monitors; Steinberg Cubase Score 1.0 (MAC) / Pro-File: Punk Grows Up (Skatenigs)

June 1993

EM All-Access Pass: The Thrill Of Adventure (High-Tech Theme Parks) / Musical Notebooks: The EM Guide to Cassette Multitracks / Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow (Hearing Preservation / Sampling Master Class / Working Musician: Lyric Writing / From The Top: Overdubbing / Computer Musician: What Is SMDI? / Multimedia Musician: Audio For Personal Digital Video / Recording Musician: Mixing With Pitch Shifters / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Audio Editing Software For Multimedia PCs (Animotion's MDS Stereo, Voyetra's AudioView, Asystem's Sound Impression, Turtle Beach's Turtle Tools, Digital Soup, Sound Professional); Kawai GMega Synth; Art Phantom Mixer; E-mu Emulator E-IIIxs Sampler; Peavey PRM 261 Monitors / Pro-File: Big Bottom (Primus)

May 1993

The Digital Puzzle (digital audio formats) / State of the Art Sequencing (Macintosh sequencers) / EM All-Access Pass: Making a Music Video / From The Top: Spectral Enhancers / Multimedia Musician: Authoring Systems / Computer Musician: Virtual Music / Working Musician: Record Promotion / Recording Musician: Mixing With Reverb / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: E-mu Vintage Keys Synthesizer; Kurzweil K2000RS Synth / Sampler; Barefoot Software SMPTE Track Platinum Sequencer (Atari); Rane Map 33 Preamp; JLCooper Mixmaster MIDI-Controlled Mixer; AKG Blue Line Microphones / Pro-File:Radical Lead Guitar (Vernon Reid)

April 1993

Keys to the Sonic Kingdom: the EM Guide to Keyboard Synthesizers / DIY: Build the EM Phantom-Power Mic Preamp / Electronic Artisans: synth manufacturing / From the Top: Alphanumeric Soup / Computer Musician: Universal Editor / Librarians / Multimedia Musician: The Seventh Guest / Recording Musician: Transparent Mixing Techniques / Working Musician: The Management Dossier / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Ensoniq ASR-10 Sampler; Passport Producer (Mac); Digital F / X Digital Master EX (ST); Zoom 9120 Effects Processor; Audix PH-5 Monitors; Harmonic Systems Studiopal (Mac); Invision Plus One for Korg M1 / Pro-File: The Guitar Undressed

March 1993

Recording Hit Records / K2000 Workshop / The Microchip Muse: Impact of technology on creativity / Acoustic Pianos in the Digital Age / From the Top: Reading MIDI Implementation Charts / Computer Musician: Atari's Falcon030 / Multimedia Musician: Video for Windows / Working Musician: The Business of Music Production / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Fostex DCM100 and Mixtab; Cools Shoes Drummer 2.0 (PC); Roland AX-1; Dynaware Ballade (Mac); Peavey PC1600; Sabine FBX 900 / Pro/File: Mike Oldfield

February 1993

The Secret World of System Exclusive / Dream Home Studios / The Virtuoso Synthesist / The Power Within: Supercharge your computer for music / DIY: Build the EM MIDI Drum Brain / From the Top: notation software / Multimedia Musician: Interactive Music Lessons / Recording Musician: Vocal Acoustics / Computer Musician: Musical Typography / Working Musician: Shopping your Demo Tape / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Roland GR-1 Guitar Synthesizer; Mark of the Unicorn MIDI Time Piece II; Eventide H3500 Ultra-Harmonizer; Peavey C8 MIDI Master Keyboard; Yamaha TG100 Tone Generator; DOD 1642 Mixer; Yamaha RY10 Rhythm Programmer; Rolls Rotorhorn; Eye & I Productions Merger Plus / Pro/File: Anatomy of a Break (Nanci De Ross)

January 1993

Making Connections: EM Guide to MIDI patch bays and processors / The Musician's Apprentice: music-creation programs / Multimedia Minus one: creating music for multimedia / From the Top: A Disk for the Teacher (music-education software) / Computer Musician: Multimedia PC Sound Cards / Recording Musician: Recording Electric Bass / Working Musician: Getting Down to Business / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Roland DM-80 Digital Recorder; Yamaha SY85 Synthesizer; Mark of the Unicorn's Composer's Mosaic (Mac); ART SGX T2 Effects Processor; Dr. T's QuickScore Deluxe (PC); Boss DR-660 Drum Machine; Marshall JMP-1 Guitar Preamp; PS Systems Power Tool / Pro/File: Kyuss

December 1992

Sounds for Sale / Home Studio Maintenance / Editors' Choice / DIY: Build the EM Headphone Distribution Amp / From the Top: Musicians' User's Groups / Computer Musician: Musicians as Programmers / Working Musician: Mirrored Images / Recording Musician: Tracking the Bizarre / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Steinberg Cubase Audio (Mac); Digidesign Audiomedia II; Sony R7, D7, and M7; Peavey Midibass; MIDIconcepts EZ MIDI Pro (PC); MIDITemp MIDI Player MP-44; The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks SuperJam! (Amiga) / Pro/File: Kitaro

November 1992

Windows Shootout (PC sequencers) / The Master Touch: EM Guide to MIDI Master Keyboards / Hot Rod Mods (upgrade old synths) / Computer Musician: Laptop MIDI / From the Top: Blowin' in the Wind / Recording Musician: Pro Mixing Tips / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: GeneralMusic S2 Synthesizer; Ensoniq KS-32 Synthesizer; Coda MusicProse for Windows (PC); Allen & Heath GS3-16 Mixer; SongWright Software SongWright 5.1 (PC); Five Pin Press 200 / 260 Drum Machine Patterns / Pro/File: Kid Sensation

October 1992

The Digital Home Studio / DIY: Build the EM Dual Compressor / Personal CD Recorders / 3-D Audio / On Solid Ground (Part 2) (turn studio into hum-free) / Service Clinic / Computer Musician: IBM OS / 2 2.0 / From the Top: Multitrack Recording / Recording Musician: Tracking Drums / Working Musician: Performing Rights Societies / REVIEWS: Alesis ADAT; Akai MX1000 Master Keyboard; Macromedia SoundEdit Pro (Mac); Ramsa WR-S4416 Mixer; Soundtrek The Jammer and ProGenitor Music Sculptor (PC); Symetrix 425 Dynamics Processor; Dr. T's Interactor (Mac); Yamaha DTS70 Drum System / Pro/File: INXS

September 1992

On Solid Ground (Part 1) / Tape Killers: The EM Guide to Hard-Disk Recorders / Generating General MIDI (composing scores) / The Show Must Go On: MIDI Show Control / Computer Musician: Digital Audio Storage / From the Top: Drum Pads and Controllers / Recording Musician: Tracking Guitars / Working Musician: Making Contact / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Ensoniq DP / 4 Effects Processor; Yamaha MT120 Multitrack Cassette Recorder; DigiTech GFX 1 Twin Tube Guitar Processor; MIDIMan Syncman Pro; AKG Tri-Power Series Microphones; Interval Music Systems S-Edit (Mac)

August 1992

Computing the Score: Notation Software Tips / Command Centers: EM Guide to Compact Mixers / Tragic Performances / Recording Musician: Location Recording / Working Musician: Let's Make a Deal / From the Top: Computers in the Studio / Computer Musician: Remote Collaboration / Service Clinic / Reviews: E-mu Proteus / 3 World; Turtle Beach Multisound; Roland R-70 Drum Machine; Passport Encore for Windows; Gulbransen KS20 MIDI Retrofit for Piano; Audio-Technica AT4033 Mic

July 1992

MIDI on High / Beating the System: Integrating Your Home Studio / A Matter of Time (timing delays) / Sound Bytes (Part 2)(sampler) / From the Top: Tweaking Synths (Part 2) / Computer Musician: Computer Music Workstations / Working Musician: Breaking Into Dance / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Korg 03R / W Syntheizer; SynchroVoice MIDIVox; GHS Music Sybil 3.0 (PC); Cannon Research Frontal Lobe Version III Sequencer; Zoom 9030 Effects Processor; thoughtprocessors Showtune 1.0

June 1992

Sound Bytes (Part 1) (samples) / Frame by Frame: Shoot a Music Video / Mixed Company: The EM Guide to Compact Reference Monitors / The Control Freaks: Academic Electronic Music Research / Working Musician: Music Contracts / From the Top: Tweaking Synths (Part 1) / Computer Musician: The Soft Studio / Recording Musician: Digital Recording Tips / REVIEWS: Digital Audio Labs The CardD; Roland Sound Brush and Sound Canvas; Big Noise Cadenza for Windows (PC); Mind Over MIDI Slave Driver; JBL 4200-Series Speakers

May 1992

Programming the Yamaha TX81Z / The Future of Analog / Make Your Drum Machine Swing / The Architecture of Pop / From the Top: MIDI Processing / Computer Musician: Multimedia Sound / Working Musician: Solo MIDI Performance / Recording Musician: The Patch Bay / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Roland JV-80 Synthesizer; Fostex X-18 Multitracker; Peavey SP Sample Player / Steinberg Avalon 2.0 (Atari ST); Opcode Galaxy Plus Editors 1.2; Clarity Retro and PAiA MV-8

April 1992

MIDI Enters the Classroom / Playing for Profit / Stomp Boxes: The EM Guide to Floor Pedal Effects / Programming the Casio CZ-101 / From the Top: Sequencing Made Easy (Part 2) / Computer Musician: The Software Design Process / Recording Musician: Maximizing Your Mixer / Working Musician: Booking a Commercial Studio / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: E-mu Proteus MPS; Digidesign Pro Tools; Digitech The Vocalist; Doepfer LMK-3; Piano Proficiency Software: Software Toolworks Miracle Piano Teaching System; Temporal Acuity Products PianoWorks; Fast Fingers MIDI Keyboard Lessons

March 1992

The Virtuoso Sequencist / Music Boxes: Which Computer is Best for Your Music? / Back to the Future: Analog, Hybrid, and Digital Synths / DIY: Build the EM Fingerdrum / From the Top: Sequencing Made Easy (Part 1) / Working Musician: MIDI Monitor Mixes / Recording Musician: Tracking Synths / Computer Musician: The Opcode MIDI System / REVIEWS: Kurzweil K2000; Passport Audio Trax; Opcode Studio 5; Digitech DSP-256XL; Hologramophone Hyperchord and Pixound; Audix HRM-3 studio monitors

February 1992

War of the Worlds: The Guitar Unbound; No Strings Attached / In Control: MIDI Machine Control / Intimate References: The EM Guide to Headphones / The MIDI Trap: Why Does So Much MIDI-based Music Sound Bad? / From the Top: The EM Glossary / Computer Musician: Standard MIDI Files / Working Musician: Comprehending Copyright / Recording Musician: In Good Voice / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: MTU Microsound; Alesis D4 Drum Module; Vestax MR44 Multitrack Recorder; Roland RSP-550 Signal Processor; Dr. T's KCS 3.5; ART Multiverb Alpha Signal Processor; Stratus Sounds for the Akai S1000

January 1992

Money for Music / Working Through the Maze: The Equipment Buying Pro cess / Shifting Perspectives / Crushing Grooves: The Art of Deejay Mixing / From the Top: Making Waves / Computer Musician: Apple System 7.0 / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Korg 01 / W Music Workstation; Fostex X-28 Ministudio; Peavey Pro-Fex Multi-effects Processor; Dr. T's X-oR 2.0 (Mac); Bag End TA-15D Speakers; Sample Disks for Ensoniq EPS; Gallien-Krueger 100MPL MIDI-Controlled Guitar Preamp; Anatek Pocket Curve and Pocket Mapper; Opcode Track Chart 1.0.1

December 1991

EM Guide to Microphones / When Worlds Collide / Production Tips: How to Juggle Music and Musicians / A Season of Dreams / The Computer Musician: Microsoft DOS 5.0 / From the Top: Hard-Disk Recording / REVIEWS: Peavey DPM-2 Synthesizer; Cheetah MD16 Drum Machine; Akai EWI 3000 Wind Controller / Oberheimes Drummer and Strummer; Cool Shoes Sound Globs 3.0 (PC); Korg A5 Multi-FX Signal Processor / Fatar Studio 88 Plus Keyboard Contoller

November 1991

Legal Beagles: How Lawyers Hunt Record Deals / Making Multimedia / The Last Noise Reduction Article (Part 2) / DIY: Build a MIDI Interface for the Sound Blaster Card / From the Top: Microphones Made Easy / The Computer Musician: Computer Movies / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Ensoniq SQ-2 and SD-1 Synthesizers; Fostex 280 Multitracker; Yamaha RY30 Rhythm Programmer; JLCooper CS-1 Control Station; Dr. T's The Copyist; Korg Wavestation A / D Vector Synthesizer; Marshall SE100 Speaker Emulation System

October 1991

MIDI Guitar Magic / Vector Programming Workshop (Part 2): Yamaha SY22 and TG33 / Studio Toys: The EM Guide to Digital Effects Processors / The Last Noise Reduction Article (Part 1) / DIY SPUD: Build a MIDI On / Off Pedal / The Computer Musician: ARexx for the Amiga / From the Top: MIDI Guitars / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Yamaha SY99; Korg A1 Performance Signal Processor; Rolls MP-45 and ADA MP-1 Guitar Preamplifiers; Buchla Lightning MIDI Controller; Great Wave Concertware+MIDI 5.14 (Mac); JBL Control Micro Monitor System; Yamaha S8M Studio Monitors

September 1991

Electronic Orchestration / EM Guide to Notation Software / Fundamentals of MIDI Mixing / Vector Programming Workshop (Part 1): The Korg Wavestation / The Speaker of the House / DIY: Fun Under Pressure / The Computer Musician: Physical Modeling / From the Top: Drum Machines Demystified / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Roland JD-800; Rocktron Intellifex; The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks Bars&Pipes Professional 1.0c (Amiga); Roland Studio M; Soundcraft Spirit Studio; Symbolic Sound Kyma System (IBM); Midisoft Studio 2.02 (IBM); InVision Interactive Protologic

August 1991

MIDI for the Masses / The Taming of the Room / EM Guide to Sequencing Software / Max Programming Workshop / From the Top: Effects, The Essential Musical Spice / The Computer Musician: Multimedia Windows / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: E-mu Procussion Module; Kurzweil K1200 Pro 76; Yamaha FX900; Softelligence Personal Composer 3.3 (IBM); Hybrid Arts GenEdit 1.1 (Atari); East-West Communications; Audio-Technica Headset Mics; Tech 21 SansAmp

July 1991

Scoring to Pictures / Video for the Electronic Musician / Sampling Goes Hollywood / EM Guide to Samplers / Putting Your Sound System in Its Place / The Computer Musician: Desktop Video / Service Clinic / From the Top: The Secrets of Syncronization / REVIEWS: Peavey DPM-3SE, V3, SX; Voyetra Sequencer Plus Gold 4.0 (IBM); NewTek Video Toaster; Tascam 1024 Stage Mixer; Mark of the Unicorn MIDI Mixer 7s; Opcode Cue 3.0 (Mac); DigiTech MEQ Programmable EQ; Alesis Microverb III

June 1991

Making Your Album / Marketing Your Demo / Sound Sanctuary / EM Guide to Digital Audio Tape Recorders / DIY: Build the EM Stereo Spreader / The Computer Musician: The Story of SCSI / From the Top: Solving the Mysteries of Reverb / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Boss SE-50 Stereo Effects Processor; Spectral Synthesis Digital Studio (IBM); Tascam 488 Portastudio; Disc Company Harmoni 1.2 (Amiga); American Educational Music Perfect Pitch Supercourse; Hughes & Kettner Access Guitar Preamplifier

May 1991

Production Tips for the Home Studio / Mastering the Tascam Midistudios / EM Guide to Multitrack Cassette Ministudios / On the Level: Gain Optimization for Crystal Clear Sound / The Computer Musician: MIDI Manager for the Macintosh / From the Top: Mixers and Mixing / REVIEWS: Yamaha QY10; Hybrid Arts FM Melody Maker; Casady and Greene Music Fonts; Studiomaster MA36 MIDI Analyser; Turtle Beach 56K; Alesis SR-16 Drum Machine; Mackie Designs CR-1604 Mixer; Kawai XD-5 Percussion

April 1991

Making the Gig / Recording Live, On Location / Decoding SMPTE / EM Guide to Hardware Sequencers / The Computer Musician: All About Memory / From the Top: How Sequencers Work / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Mark of the Unicorn Video Time Piece; Ibis Software Play It By Ear (IBM); Prosonus Prodisk DDD Series Samples; Ensoniq EPS-16 Plus Digital Sampling Workstation; Yamaha TG33 Vector Synthesizer; Digidesign SampleCell

March 1991

Sampling from CD Libraries / The Computer as a Musical Instrument / Riding the Bus / Pumping Gain: Understanding Dynamics Processors / The Computer Musician: Multitasking With MIDI / From the Top: Samplers Made Simple / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Sony TCD-D3 DAT Walkman; Lexicon LXP-15 Multi-effects Processor; Jeanius Electronics Russian Dragon; Tannoy System NFM-8 Studio Monitors; Intone MIDI Maestro Audio and MIDI Patch Bay; Tascam DA-30 DAT Recorder; Gibson Labs Max MIDI Guitar Control System; Fostex G16 Tape Recorder

February 1991

Beyond Sequencing: Interactive Electronic Music / Monster Synth Stacks / MIDI Systems Both Great and Small / EM Guide to Expander Modules / DIY: Creative Control With the EM MIDI Fader / The Computer Musician: Multi-Port MIDI for Your Computer / Service Clinic / From the Top: The Truth About Synthesizers / REVIEWS: Repertoire Music Publisher 2.5.1; Uptown Technologies Flash Audio Switcher; Nady WML-50 MIDI Link Wireless MIDI; ZimmerWorks Zeebar; Opcode Studio Vision; Steinberg / Jones Cubase 2.0 and C-Lab Notator 3.0 (Atari ST); DigiTech IPS-33B Super Harmony Machine; Wild Rose Technology !nspire 1

January 1991

Unveiling the Mystery: The Basics of Electronic Music / Multitrack Recording: The EM Primer / Sync or Swim: Synchronizing to Tape / DIY: Power Panic Button for the EM IMP / The Computer Musician: Neural Networks and Computer Music / From the Top: What is MIDI, Anyway? / Service Clinic / REVIEWS: Symetrix SX208 Stereo Compressor-Limiter; Music Writer 1.1 Notation Software; MIDIMAN Mini-Mixer; Roland S-770 Digital Sampler; Passport's Sound Apprentice Sample-Editing Software (Mac); Digidesign Sound Tools Hard-Disk Recording System (Atari ST); Dr. T's X-oR Universal Editor / Librarian (IBM)