It has truly been one of the most devilish tasks Big Brother has ever thought up, but can the housemates keep it together for one final, sleepless night?

Laura seemed keen to stay awake for as long as she could, hoping that a reward might come their way. "They might give us a full-on party tomorrow if we don't quit this task," she said, desperately trying to rally support.

"I'm not quitting," added Gerry. "I really think we can make it if we take the breaks at a certain time."

Charley wasn't convinced and made her feelings perfectly clear to her housemates. "I'd rather not argue with anyone and just go to bed," she barked, clearly on the edge of reason, "because otherwise I'll be downright rude."

Well at least she's honest...

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Ever the diplomat - and who wouldn't be with £100,000 in their pocket - Liam was quite philosophical about the Task. "Everybody's here on their individual journey and my journey's not quitting," he told the assembled housemates.

Amanda decided to ask the group who didn't want to quit but the resulting show of hands was none too promising.

It looks like a week of basic rations may be on the horizon...