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British Animal Rights Bomber Sent to Mental Hospital Indefinitely


British Animal Rights Bomber Sent to Mental Hospital Indefinitely


Glynn Harding, 27, who terrorized people in various animal enterprises in Great Britain by mailing 12 explosive devices, was ordered detained indefinitely in a mental hospital.

Three of the devices caused injuries to people, including a woman who lost an eye and a young girl who barely avoided serious disfigurement. Harding planned to mail up to 100 such devices, and the nature of his crime led the sentencing judge to label his actions as "pure evil." Speaking at his sentencing hearing, Judge Elgan Edwards said,

You conducted a dreadful campaign sending nail bombs through the post, putting people at risk and causing, in the case of one lady, the most dreadful injury, blinding her in one eye. In my view, this was pure evil.

Harding was clearly mentally disturbed, telling police that he had reached an agreement with Jesus that in exchange for mailing 100 bombs, Harding's stillborn child would be allowed to enter heaven.

Harding targeted people working in animal enterprises (though sometimes the link was very tenuous), and several of the packages were scrawled with ARM -- the initials for the terrorist group, Animal Rights Militia. Harding was not, however, a member of any organized animal rights group (though activists who routinely sanction such violence are just as culpable for such acts as are pro-life people who say the murder of an abortion doctor is self-defense are morally culpable for the wave of anti-abortion violence).


'Pure evil' letter bomber detained in mental hospital. Helen Carter, The Guardian (UK), September 22, 2001.

'Deal with Jesus' led to bomber's hate campaign. Nigel Bunyan, The Daily Telegraph (London), September 22, 2001.


RE: British Animal Rights Bomber Sent to Mental Hospital Indefinitely


Trying to prevent the uni bomber, the razor blade mailer,the foreign hate bomber, the incentery bomber and the other terrorists who are often recognized long before the agencies can get a real fix on them. The terrorists themselves will be the first in the front lines.

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Two things to note (1) It’s no wonder that the groups taking credit for these acts, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and the Earth Liberation (ELF), have earned top billing on the Justice Department’s list of domestic terrorists.

(2) The latest foreign Terrorist WTC attack and all the domestic terrorism thrive on stripping other peoples CIVIL LIBERTY & RIGHTS, through fear mongering. Now the pressure is coming back on those SELF professed fear mongers and they don't like it. Tough! They deserve to have thier rights garnished. They certainly hid behind them long enough. I have no fear of becoming an alcoholic, because I don't partake of strong drink. Frontline could learn a lesson in that, if they weren't trying to terrorise others in thier SPARE time.

Head line from http://www.nocompromise.org/ check it out. Then try http://www.animalliberation.net/index.shtml. The owners of this kind of site, THREATEN OUR DEMOCRATIC FREEDOMS everyday through the lines of guys like UTHA PHILIPS {I suspect not REAL name). Direct quote from UTHA A SELF PROFESSED TERRORISTS." The earth is not dying,it is being killed. And those that are killing it have names and addresses. WHAT are you doing for the animals and earth tonight".

Do you think ALF Frontline is interested in CIVIL liberties for the Names and addresses who they point thier fingers at. Now the government is pointing at the NAMES & ADDRESSES of FRONT LINES and they don't like it. PITY! Edita thinks its great to have ALF types, threaten the Civil Liberties of Mike Conn. Wonder how she would feel if the Pro-Use peoples cornered her and offered the same kind of NO Compromise. They remind me of this senario/ Mommy I was beating up tiny Tim with his leg braces. The school principle slapped my wrist! Can I sue him ? Because of my abhorance for criminal activities, I suspect I will not suffer from wire taps. unless of course some wingnut ALF type tries to harass me over the phone. Boy, I hope the FBI will be listening in on that TAPPED call. I would love to have the extra information in COURT as I offered my sence of NO COMPROMISE to ALFS FRONT LINES. Maybe, that is the TRUE fear of the ALF HEADS. They certainly never worried about my CIVIL LIBERTY before. The FBI & JUSTICE DEPARTMENT have them worried about ALFS use of FREEDOM to abuse Civil Liberty of others.

$58 MILLION of Civil Liberty lost to those who proclaimed WAR on the RIGHTS of thier fellow American's? The money of course was physical evidence of lost liberty. The true loss was in human tolls. People are fearfull of having homes, cars, children or themselves targeted again. Every phone call or unknown car becomes a THREAT to look upon.