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BitSifter Digest


The BitSifter Digest was a pioneering experiment in frequently-updated miscellany that was an important forerunner of the "Blog". Its focus was wide-ranging, given its mission statement to cover "the more interesting collections of bits which arrive at our desks." Launched in late 1996 on a weekly basis, its periodicity increased to the point where it became, by 2001, a daily, as seen in the screen shot below. The site received numerous acolades for its ease-of-use, achieved through the pioneering use of borderless frames, and its topical, eclectic editoral content.

In May of 2001, for reasons unknown, the BitSurfer Digest stopped updating, although articles from May continued to appear on its home page until approximately the end of the year. The domain name is currently unoccupied.

Although the BitSurfer Digest is long gone, its formula and Zeitgeist live on in the millions of Blogs that function as news filters, bit recyclers, and online soapboxes.

If you have other information, including amplification and/or corrections concerning the history of BitSifter Digest that you would like to see incorporated into this WebElegy, please send e-mail to Steve Baldwin and I will try to include it as time provides.