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You wouldn't expect a lot of class from the central figure of a game called Thief. Looking Glass Studios' 3D action game lets you take up the thief's tools of the trade, including a blackjack for knocking your foes unconscious, a bow for knocking them dead if you must, and lockpicks for getting into places you're not meant to be.

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You'll employ these devices under the guise of the game's stealthy and soft-spoken antihero, Garrett. Adopted at a young age by the thieves' guild known as the Keepers, Garrett soon turns his finely honed proficiencies on his trainers and escapes, intent on using his skills toward his own purposes. He's no Robin Hood; he takes from the rich and keeps the loot. He's no Zorro, either, he has no political agenda. He has no friends, and his few allies are replaceable. He's cynical, he knows he's good, and he just wants to scrape together enough money for an early retirement. He doesn't pick fights, and he doesn't like to talk, but Garrett's blade and his tongue are equally sharp whenever he decides to use either or both.

It's surprising, then, that over the course of his adventures, Garrett emerges from under the misanthropic facade as a character with a noble heart, whose immoral ways are reluctantly justified by an immoral talent that's well suited to his immoral world. And his motivations soon become more complicated than initially apparent.

After pulling a few big heists, Garrett attracts the attention of an eccentric aristocrat named Constantine, who hires him to steal an enchanted sword buried deep in a bizarre mansion. After that assignment, Garrett becomes wary of his wealthy employer, but takes on with his next assignment anyway on account of the huge reward.

But soon enough, profit becomes less of a motivating factor for Garrett than his pride and sense of duty. And even when his life is on the line and no money is at stake, the master thief loses neither his cool nor his wit. He's smart, he's fast, he's a capable swordsman and a deadly assassin, and he doesn't ever let the bad guys get away with it, even though he always gets away with it himself.

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