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Teknical is now part of Serco Learning Solutions

Teknical, a leading provider of Information and Learning Technology solutions to the education, NHS, public and commercial sectors since Spring 1997 was acquired by Serco in December 2003, and now forms part of Serco Learning Solutions. Teknical has built a wide portfolio of solutions for education and training settings. We view our technology as an enabler with the primary focus on scoping, implementation, people and change.

In today's fast moving IT economy, sustainability and future proofing is key. To this end all our solutions are based upon the latest Internet technologies, with interoperability, international standards, accessibility, usability, anytime–anywhere–anyplace access and best practice at the centre of our design strategy. Through substantial investment in R&D at the heart of the company's philosophy and an acutely focused long-term strategy, Serco will remain a leading provider of innovative solutions.

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