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TAAG Angola 737 crashes on landing, five killed

Friday June 29, 2007

A TAAG Angola Airlines 737-200 carrying 71 passengers and seven crew crashed yesterday at M'Banza Congo Airport on arrival from Luanda, killing four passengers and one crewmember, according to Flight Safety Foundation's Aviation Safety Network.

According to press reports, the aircraft broke apart after hitting the runway and skidded into a house or building. TAAG reportedly was added to the EU's airline blacklist to be published next week, along with all Indonesian carriers and several from Eastern Europe.

The Pratt & Whitney JT8D-17A-powered aircraft first flew in January 1985, ASN indicated. It is TAAG's fifth fatal accident since 1980. Most recent was in 1997 when three people were killed in an F-27 accident. The airline lost another 737-200 in 1983 in an accident that killed 130. Its fleet comprises four 737-200s, four 737-700s, two 747-300s and two 777-200s.

by Brian Straus

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