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Heinz Wolff

Heinz Siegfried Wolff was born in 1928 and qualified in Physiology and Physics in 1954. Subsequently, whilst with the Medical Research Council, he chose to work on the interface between Engineering and the Biological Sciences, calling himself a Bioengineer, thus giving a name to the new discipline. He became head of the Divisions of Bioengineering at the National Institute for Medical Research and subsequently at the Clinical Research Centre. Moving to Brunel University in 1983, he founded the Brunel Institute for Bioengineering, affectionately known as BIB, and served as its Director until 1995. Heinz Wolff is well known to a whole generation as a television personality, presenting scientific and engineering “entertainment”. Programme series such as The Great Egg Race, are known to have started many young people on careers in science and technology.

Heinz Wolff Plaque
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