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Frequently Asked Questions

Date Updated: 6/16/2003

Below is a list of answers for frequently asked questions about the ASP.NET Web Matrix Project.  For more questions, comments and answers please visit the online ASP.NET Web Matrix forums.  For more information on ASP.NET please read the Why ASP.NET Whitepaper.

How big is the ASP.NET Web Matrix download?

The ASP.NET Web Matrix download is about 1.3Mb and expands to 2.75Mb when installed on your computer.  Download and installation takes less than 5 minutes on a 56k dialup modem. 

What are the System Requirements for ASP.NET Web Matrix?

ASP.NET Web Matrix is supported on Windows 2000 (Professional and Server editions) and Windows XP (Home, Professional) operating systems.  You must have IE 5.5 or greater and the .NET Framework installed.

What is the price for ASP.NET Web Matrix?

ASP.NET Web Matrix is completely free.

What languages can I use with ASP.NET Web Matrix?

ASP.NET Web Matrix supports building ASP.NET Web applications using VB .NET, C#, or the J# programming languages. 

Can I use ASP.NET Web Matrix with my ISP Hosting Provider?

Yes.  ASP.NET Web Matrix ships with FTP client support -- allowing you to develop ASP.NET applications remotely at any hosting provider that offers both ASP.NET and FTP access support.

Do I need an IIS Web Server to develop web applications using ASP.NET Web Matrix?

No.  ASP.NET Web Matrix does not require IIS on a machine for development.  ASP.NET Web Matrix includes its own mini-webserver that hosts ASP.NET and can be used for local machine development and testing (note: this web server handles only local machine requests -- it does not allow remote machine connections). 

IIS is required for production server deployment of ASP.NET web applications developed using Web Matrix.

Do I need a SQL Server Database to develop data applications using ASP.NET Web Matrix?

No. ASP.NET Web Matrix ships with extensive support for creating, editing, and modifying Access (.mdb) databases. Access support is functional with or without Microsoft Office. Also, ASP.NET Web Matrix supports MSDE -- a SQL Server Compatible Database Engine. MSDE is available as a separate free download in the ASP.NET Web Matrix download section.

How can I get Technical Support for ASP.NET Web Matrix?

ASP.NET Web Matrix is not a supported product by Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS).  All support for ASP.NET Web Matrix is provided through the online developer community (forums, listservs and newsgroups).   The ASP.NET Web Matrix team actively participates in these forums and will answer questions that get asked.

What does Visual Studio .NET offer that isn't in ASP.NET Web Matrix?

Visual Studio .NET is the tool of choice for building professional ASP.NET Web applications -- and includes many, many features not supported by ASP.NET Web Matrix.  A short list of these additional features include:

  • Intellisence statement completion support
  • Debugging support
  • Class designer and library component compilation support
  • Source control for multi-developer projects
  • Support for building Windows Client and NT Service applications
  • Enterprise Data, Class, XML Schema and Business Process Modelling designers
  • Many additional features too numerous to list...

Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# .NET Standard Editions can be purchased for $106 (suggested retail price). 

How was ASP.NET Web Matrix implemented?

ASP.NET Web Matrix was implemented 100% using C# and the .NET Framework (specifically using Windows Forms for the client-side UI).  Click here to learn more about the project.