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Public Interest - Cloning - A life of Dolly (continued)

Dolly's arthritis

Press interest in Dolly had quietened down for a while until, in the autumn of 2001 and at the height of the Foot and Mouth outbreak in the UK, Dolly was seen to be walking stiffly.  An x-ray was essential, and after getting permission from DEFRA for a special movement licence, Dolly was transported to the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies (R(D)SVS).  Here a general anaesthetic was administered and thorough investigations of her lameness carried out.  The x-rays confirmed that Dolly did indeed have arthritis.  This was a blow to everyone and again fuelled the suspicion that cloned animals were destined to age prematurely.  The cause of the arthritis was never established but daily anti-inflammatory treatment resolved the clinical signs within a few months.


Announcement to the world

Was Dolly already 'old' at birth?

Dolly's family

Dolly's final illness