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Record label started by Jon Bon Jovi, under Mercury umbrella in late 80’s. JAMBCO was abbreviation for John, Anthony, Matt Bongiovi Company. Albums by Aldo Nova ("Blood on The Bricks") and Billy Falcon ("Pretty Blue World") were released on JAMBCO. Now defunct.

Artist/legend/friend. Elton John is one of rock ‘n’ roll’s living legends and a close friend of Jon Bon Jovi. Elton worked on Jon’s solo album, "Blaze of Glory" and Jon lent his vocals to the song "LEVON" on the Bernie Taupin/Elton John tribute album TWO ROOMS. The two have remained friends ever since and Jon & Richie joined Elton John on-stage at an Elton John AIDS Foundation event honoring Elton. They performed "LEVON" and "THE BITCH IS BACK"