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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tool movie in the works?

Tool is mulling the idea of making a band movie, according to an interview with guitarist Adam Jones at The quartet has been discussing a film project for a long time, but has yet to settle on the right concept as well as land the proper financial backing. Jones explained, "We all have ideas about it. If I had my way, it would be a narrative story in a surreal fashion with as much money and special effects as we could throw at it. I think some of the other guys would like to do pockets of all of that or something that's live or we're playing. It's just talk right now."

Jones added that the project would be held to the same high quality standards as other Tool output, including the band's music and often elaborate artwork. He said, "Everyone has to be very happy and it has to be done in a way where people would see integrity and hard work and not just something thrown together or home movies or some s***ty filmed live show."

Tool drummer Danny Carey told us that the band has already assembled a team of film production people who work on their videos and could easily get involved in a full-fledged film: [ Click to listen if you have a backstage pass] "There's quite a few guys now that are there along all the different steps. It's great, a lot of these guys work on movies and commercials and stuff otherwise, you know, when they're not working with us. But then it's great for them too to have an outlet like we can provide, where they don't have a director breathing down their throat or something, you know. They can come in with some crazy idea."

One person the band won't be working with is artist Cam De Leon, who has filed a lawsuit against the group. Adam Jones told, "He had done some artwork that we paid him to do in the past for our band and he came with this ridiculous lawsuit saying he's the fifth member of the band and a partner and he was head of our art department. There is no art department. I just feel like it's total extortion."

Tool is currently on a North American tour that bring the band to Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Wednesday night (June 13th).

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