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Syllabus and Project


Unit One Using NCBI

Lecture - NCBI

Lab NCBI Searching, Records

Lecture Biological Data

Genome Discussion

Lab NCBI Genomes

Lecture Simple Alignment/BLAST


Unit Two Using BW/Datasets

Lecture Sequence Alignment/BLAST

Lab BW and Datasets


Unit Three Multiple Sequence Alignment

Lecture Alignment and Structure

Lab ClustalW and Hand-Checking


Unit Four Phylogenetic Tree-Building

Lecture Phylogenetics & Applications

Lab - PAUP


Unit Five Protein Structure

Lecture Protein Data

Lab NCBI and BW/Protein Tools


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National Science Foundation


Biology 301

Computational Biology

Bioinformatics Unit


Presentations and Manuscripts About This Curriculum (2004) - PDF

Structure of ribosomal proteins and 16S rRNA from T. thermophilus, obtained via the National Center of Biolotechnology Structure Database. Click here for data link (you will need to download 3D Viewer to your own machine).


Sarah Boomer, Danny Lodge, Bryan Dutton, and Kelly Shipley, copyright 2004