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Brigham Young University
Museum of Peoples and Cultures

General Information

The Museum of Peoples and Cultures is a museum of archaeology and ethnology with strengths in native cultures and artifacts of the Great Basin, American Southwest, Mesoamerica, Peru, and Polynesia. It houses more than 40,000 artifacts and 50,000 slides and photographs that document BYU archaeological research and artifactual materials.  

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Location, Hours, and Parking

Exhibition Schedule  

Professional Staff

Location, Hours, and Parking

Located at 700 North 100 East in Provo in Allen Hall (one block south of the Brick Oven restaurant), the Museum galleries are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.   The museum is closed Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Museum office hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, but vary according to student schedules. The Museum is free to the public, but donations are gladly accepted. There is a nominal fee for guided tours. For tours, library access, and information, call (801) 422-0020.

Parking is available across 100 East in a BYU parking lot. Several spaces facing the Museum are designated as Museum visitor parking. A Museum parking permit must be displayed on the dashboard. These permits are available in the Museum's main office.

The Museum is wheelchair accessible.

Contact Information
Telephone: (801) 422-0020
Fax: (801) 422-0026
Mailing Address:
Museum of Peoples and Cultures
Brigham Young University
105 Allen Hall Provo UT

Exhibition Schedule

Current Exhibitions:

Rise up From Fragments: Life and Arts of the Western Anasazi

(May 2004-May 2006)

This exhibit contains dozens of vessels, most reconstructed from fragments (potsherds). Design motifs of the Western Anasazi pottery consist of geometric shapes; these designs afford insights into the aesthetic preferences, values and sentiments of the people who made them. The design on this patch comes from a Western Anasazi bowl of a type called Hurricane Black on Gray. The design shows reflective symmetry (it is mirrored across a central line). The focal point is a central, reserve (unpainted) rectangle created with the use of a stencil. The outside of the bowl is corrugated (the coils were not completely smoothed down). The coils were laid down in a clockwise direction, suggesting the potter may have been left-handed.

This exhibition explores rituals and ceremonies that empower people to seek the divine, especially during crucial life events such as birth,coming-of-age, marriage, and death. The instruments of humanity’s spiritual quest are myriad. African fertility figurines calm the anxieties of barrenness, while Polynesian tapas celebrate the joys of birth. Native American wedding jars and baskets commemorate the ultimate coming-of-age, while accoutrements of death from Mesoamerica immortalize life’s culminating moment. Statuettes of saints adorning the household shrines of Mexico assist personal worship, while masked dances publicly re-enact stories that reinforce community values and extol the interdependency of life. Ritual smoke and Tibetan prayer wheels send prayers heavenward, and African divination vessels summon the invisible forces and solicit their intervention.Globally, a sense of divinity drives people to seek spiritual guidance and celebrate life’s blessings. Understanding this universality helps Earth’s many peoples cross cultural and religious barriers and discover our common humanity.


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Professional Staff

Director Paul Stavast
BA, Anthropology, Brigham Young University, 2002
MA, Museum Studies, George Washington University, 2005
Curator of Collections

Media Contact
Glenna Nielsen-Grimm
BA/BS, Anthropology/Archaeology, Brigham Young University, 1974
MA, Prehistoric Archaeology, Brigham Young University, 1978
PhD, Anthropology, University of Utah, 1989

Katie Carroll
phone: 801-422-0020


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Visiting the Museum

Free Admission


9 am – 5 pm Mon – Fri
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Extended Hours Sept- April

9 am – 7 pm Tues, Thursday


700 North 100 East
Brigham Young University
Provo, UT 84602


(801) 422-0020 Main
(801) 422-0026 Fax

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