Atlas Games’ Pieces of Eight Nets an Origins Vanguard Award

Origins 2007 doesn’t start for another week, but Atlas Games has already won an Origins Vanguard Award for Pieces of Eight. The Vanguard Award is meant to highlight a unique gaming product, and Pieces of Eight falls into that category for its novel game system.

In Pieces of Eight, each player holds a stack of coins in one hand, with a Captain coin placed somewhere in the stack. By choosing certain coins and stacking them in particular ways, you determine the strength of your “ship” and the special abilities you can use to attack the opponent. If you expose and take out the opponent’s Captain, you win. Each player needs his own set to play, and the sets can be combined to alter your strategy.

Source: ICv2

Posted by W. Eric Martin on 06/27 at 12:31 PM in NewsBoardgame News / 151

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