STAR GRANITES PVT. LTD. offers a kaleidoscopic variety of fine quality Indian granite products to the International Market. With its products Random Slabs, Tiles, Cut-to-size, Monuments Slab etc., the company Star Granites has emerged as the quality exporter of granite to America, Europe and the far east countries. The wide range of colours and shades woven in aesthetic design and pattern i.e. Star Galaxy, Cashmere White, Imperial White, with Platinium Blue, Black Forest etc. reflects architectural blend of tradition and modernity. The craftsmanship acumen and stringent quality control measures under the EPIC supervision of International Expertise. Star Granites offers the best galaxy of Granite Products. The Indian Artisans since ancient times have mastered the art of Granite sculptures the hardest and most invulnerable stone variety. In the modern times Granite products are in very much demand in the form of polished tiles, slabs and decorative monuments due to their high resistance to wear and tear and extreme climatic conditions.
Star Granites factory is set up in Andhra Pradesh about 80 km from Madras port to process 100,000 Sq.Metres of cut and polished Granite Tiles, Slabs and Monuments. The entire processing  plant for tiles and slabs is imported from M/S Breton S.P.A. Italy the pioneers in manufacture of Granite processing machinery. The company has already acquired more than 150 acres of fine variety of granite lands with high potential deposits which include high premium varieties like Star Galaxy, Platinium Blue, Cashmere White, Lepakshi Teak, Kunnam Black and several other attractive varieties of Granites of various colour and texture, owned/leased and quarried in different parts of south India. The company right from installation has acquired the state of art technology and has made arrangements for quality production by implementing programmes required for certification of ISO 9000 series.