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Scholarship and Financial Assistance Program (STFAP)

The STFAP, more popularly known as Iskolar ng Bayan program, was first implemented in UP during the first semester of 1989-90 as a major reform designed to democratize undergraduate student admission. This called for a radical departure from the old fee and scholarship structure of UP, resulting in tremendous benefits for low-income and disadvantaged students.

On April 28, 1988, the Board of Regents (BOR) officially adopted the STFAP policy proposed by UP President Jose V. Abueva and authorized him to implement it following consultations with university constituencies.

STFAP is also a matter of public policy, having been mandated by the President and Congress of the Philippines through the General Appropriations Acts of 1989, 1990, 1991, and 1992.

The program is divided into four basic components:

  • Subsidized Education for every UP student regardless of his capacity to pay and financial need, tuition and other fees paid to UP being much less than the direct cost of education in the University.
  • Socialized Tuition by which UP grants subsidies covering tuition and other fees, the subsidy level being based on capacity to pay and financial need of the student.
  • Scholarships consisting of living subsidies which are based on both financial need and academic performance.
  • Student Assistantships which give undergraduate students the opportunity to earn P25.00 per hour by working for UP.


To qualify for assistance, the student must satisfy the following requirements:

  • must be a Filipino citizen.
  • must be a bonafide undergraduate student. Except for law and medicine, the applicant must not have a bachelor's degree
  • must never have been adjudged guilty of any criminal, civil, administrative offense which carries a penalty of more than thirty (30) days suspension.
  • must submit an application form to Office of Student Affairs and complete the required documentation as specified in the application form.
  • must truly be in need of financial assistance as determined by the University.

    If the student is a recipient (from sources other than STFAP) of a scholarship or any other form of financial assistance which covers living and book subsidies, he may receive both the allowances from STFAP and the other scholarship or financial assistance. The student may receive from the University the amount equal the difference between the subsidies from the STFAP and non-STFAP scholarship multiplied by a factor of 1.5 (equivalent to 150% of the difference).

    STFAPIncome Bracket Metro Manila Other urban Areas Rural Areas Benefits Per STFAP Bracket
    1 0-45,000 0-45,000 0-38,250 Pay no tuition and miscellaneous/laboratory fees, receive book allowances and montly stipends.
    2 45,001-55,000 40,501-49,500 38,251-46,750
    3 55,001-65,000 49,501-58,500 46,751-55,250
    4 65,001-80,000 58,5001-72,000 55,251-68,000
    5 80,001-130,000 72,001-117,000 55,251-68,000 Pay no tuition but are charged miscellaneous and laboratory fees; npo book allowances or stipends
    6 130,001-170,000 117001-153,000 110501-144,500 Pay tuition with discounts ranging from 25-75 percent;pay miscellaneous and laboratory fees;no book allowances or stippends.
    7 170,001-210,000 53,001-189,000 144,501-178,500
    8 210,001-250,000 189,001-255,000 178,501-212,000
    9 250,001-above 225,001-above 212,501-above Pay full tuition;no bool allowances or stipends

    Forms of Fimancial Assistance: Subsidies for Tuition, Laboratory/Miscellaneous Fees, and Books; and Allowances for Living, Transportation and Lodging

    Under the program, incoming freshmen and transfer students in Brackets 1 to 4 are entitled to monthly living subsidies of:
    Bracket Allowance
    Bracket 1 P1,250 per month
    Bracket 2 1,000 per month
    Bracket 3 750 per month
    Bracket 4 400 per month

    Normally, living subsidies are given for 5 months per semester or 10 months per academic year. In general, living subsidies are not given during summer unless summer enrolment is required in the student's curriculum.

    Students in Brackets 1 to 4 are also entitled to tuition subsidy. That is, they pay no tuition or miscellaneous fees. As a result, they pay only the fees that go to (100%) student-controlled funds worth about P60 per semester. (This varies depending on the college.)

    In addition, students in Brackets 1 to 4 are entitled to book subsidies of P500 per semester.

    Transportation allowances (TA) are intended to help Brackets 1-4 students who live far from the UP campuses they are enrolled in. These are the students who, from their home provinces or cities, have to take planes, inter-island ships or long-distance buses to get to the UP campus they are enrolled in. The TA is given per semester.

    Lodging allowances (LA) are intended help all Brackets 1-4 students meet some of their lodging expenses whether they hire in dormitories nor not. The LA is given each month for 5 months per semester.


    Students in Bracket 5 will be entitled to 100% TUITION SUBSIDY but not to miscellaneous and laboratory fees subsidy, living subsidy, and book subsidy.

    These students will have to pay miscellaneous and laboratory fees that go into student-controlled funds.


    Students in Brackets 6 to 8 are entitled to PARTIAL TUITION SUBSIDY but not to miscellaneous fees and lab fees subsidy, or the other subsidies. The tuition discount is 75% if in Bracket 6, 50% if in Bracket 7, and 25 % if in Bracket 8.

    These students will pay between 25% to 75% of tuition fees, plus miscellaneous fees, lab fees if any, and fees that go into student-controlled funds.


    A Student in Bracket 9 will pay all fees, but he is still an Iskolar ng Bayan. The average cost per undergraduate student is now P48,200/year. Every UP student, therefore, including those in Bracket 9, receives some form of government subsidy to defray the costs of a UP education.

    What are the academic requirements to qualify for STFAP?

    • The student received numerical grades in at least 15 units ("Dropped" and "Incomplete" are not considered);
    • The student did not drop more than one subject; and
    • The student earned a general weighted average (GWA) of 3.0 or better.

    A. For Incoming Freshman and Transferees from Non-UP Students:
    • Fill-out application from available at Office of Student Affairs.

    B. Old Returning Students:
      A copy of approved leave of abasence (LOA);
    • Grades of the student at the time of leave of absence (if with basis) shall be considered;
    • If without basis, the grades in the semester last enrolled in shall be considered; and
    • Those who are AWOL for the first time may still be allowed to apply.

    C. For Currently Enrolled Students including Cross-Registrants and Transferees from other Autonomous Units of the UP System:
    • The student received numerical grades in at least 15 units ("DROPPED and INCOMPLETE" shall not be considered);
    • The student did not drop more than one subject;
    • The student earned a general weighted average (GWA) of 3.0 or better;
    • Group of C students (i.e. upperclassmen with (GWA's of 2.51 to 3.00) may still receive the same stipends as those received by the Group B students (i.e. upperclassmen with GWA's of 2.01 to 2.50).
    • Their GWA in the semester before the previous semester is 2.50 or better; and
    • Their GWA is worse than 2.50 in no more than three semesters.

OSA staff-in-charge
Mrs. Josephine P. Marasigan

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