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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.      Why is Dayton sometimes referred to as the “Gem City”?

A.        There is no definitive answer to this question, but several theories exist.  One is that in the 1800s there was a famous racehorse from Dayton named Gem, and the name stuck.  Another theory suggests that Daytonians were concerned with the South African Diamond Mine strike over a century ago, and nicknamed Dayton “Gem City” in sympathy.  A third theory refers to a newspaper account written in 1845 by a reporter who went by the byline of “T” who wrote in the Cincinnati Daily Chronicle: “In a small bend of the Great Miami River, with canals on the east and south, it can be fairly said, without infringing on the rights of others, that Dayton is the gem of all our interior towns.  It possesses wealth, refinement, enterprise, and a beautiful country, beautifully developed.”  But the most probably theory dates back to the late 1840s when Major William D. Bickham, editor of the Dayton Journal, ancestor of today’s Dayton Daily News, campaigned in his column for Dayton to be nicknamed “Gem City,” perhaps because he read “T’s” comments in the Cincinnati Daily Chronicle.  The name apparently stuck a few years later and was officially adopted by the Board of Trade at that time.

 Q.      What is the population of Dayton?

A. According to the 2000 Census, 166,179.


Q.      Where can I obtain a copy of my birth certificate?

A. Contact Montgomery County government offices at 225-4790.


Q.      How do I get a marriage license?

A. Montgomery County issues marriage licenses.  The number is 225-4656.


Q.      Who do I call to get trash pick-up?

 A. Contact Waste Collection at 333-4833.


Q.      Who do I call if I’m having a problem with my landlord?

A. Contact the Human Relations Council at 228-5854.


Q.      My neighbor’s grass is too high and they have trash laying in their yard.  Who do I call to get this cleaned up?

 A. Contact the Division of Housing Inspection at 333-3977.


Q.      Where do I go to get a Social Security card?

A. Social Security is administered through the Federal Government.  The number is 225-2542.


Q.      Who do I call about my property taxes?

A. The Montgomery County Treasurer collects property tax.  The number is 225-4002.


Q.      What is the number for the Dayton Dragons?

 A. The main number is 228-BATS (2287).


Q.      Where do I go to get a State ID or Drivers License?

 A. The State of Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles administers ID’s and Drivers Licenses.  You can call them at 752-7500 or visit their website at www.ohiobmv.com.


Q.      Who do I call about unemployment benefits or assistance?

 A. The State of Ohio handles unemployment benefits.  Call 1-800-251-6237 for information.


Q.      What is the number for probation?

 A. That number is 333-4375.


Q.      Who do I call for a copy of a police report?

 A. Contact Police Records at 333-1060


Q.      Who do I call to get a tree trimmed?

 A. If it is in the tree lawn area between the curb and sidewalk, contact the Division of Forestry at 333-5300.  If it is on private property, you’ll have to contact a private company.


Q.      Who do I call about my water bill?

 A. The water billing office number is 333-3550.

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