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Worlds War II Sites

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Star-rd.gif (874 bytes)The Rise of Fascism-Germany, Italy and Japan

Student Sites

Teacher Sites

The Versailles Treaty June 28, 1919
Voices from the Dust Bowl 1940-41
HyperWar A Hypertext History of WWII
Lest We Forget
National Archives--A People at War
Timeline--World War II in Europe
General Resources
Chronology of World War II
Voices of the 20th Century--

WWII Sound and Picture Archive


U Boat Bases

World War II Commerative
Radio News Broadcasts audio files
World War II Remembered
BBC Modern World History

Star-rd.gif (874 bytes)Holocaust

Student Sites

Teacher Sites

The US Holocaust Museum Learning Site For Students
Simon Weisenthal Museum of Tolerance
Cybrary of the Holocaust

Holocaust Timeline, Holocaust Timeline
The Courage to Remember:The Holocaust 1933-1945 Online Exhibit
The Nuremberg War Crime Trials
The Trial of Adolph Eichmann,
Eyewitnesses from Auschwitz

The Nuremberg Laws
The Voyage of the St. Louis Online Exhibit
Kristallnacht Online Exhibit
Kristallnacht , Kristallnacht
Oskar Schindler

Raoul Wallenberg, The Official Raoul Wallenberg Site
Concentration Camps
Survivors of the Holocaust
Visas For Life: The Remarkable Story of Chiune and Yukiko Sugihara Online Exhibit
To Save a Life: Stories of Holocaust Rescue
Childhood in Times of War
Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
36 Questions About the Holocaust
The Holocaust: A Lesson Plan
The Trail of Adolph Eichmann(lesson plans)
The First Steps
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
The Voyage of the St Louis (lesson plan)
Holocaust Photographs and Drawings online activity
Rescuers: Those Who Risked Their Lives to Save Others online activity
Encountering Holocaust Denial online activity
Map of the Camps
About.com Holocaust
Other Holocaust Lessons Plans
Background on Nuremberg Trials

Star-rd.gif (874 bytes)Pearl Harbor and America's Response

Student Sites Teacher Sites

Battleship Row A Photographic Look at the United States Navy During the Attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941
Attack at Pearl Harbor, 1941
Air Raid on Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor:Remembered
USS Arizona
Declaration of War on Germany (copy)
Declaration of War on Japan (copy)
Japanese Internment Camps

Impact of War with Asia on Asian Americans(Lesson Plans)

Star-rd.gif (874 bytes)D-Day and the War in the Pacific

Student Sites Student Sites
Major Battles of WWII
History Central Major Battles
Maps of the Major Battles

Valour and Horror Canadians at War
Normandy June 1944
The Normandy Invasion
The Story Behind Saving Private Ryan
D-Day Fact Sheet from Eisenhower Library
Reporter George Hicks aboard a destroyer stationed offshore of the Normandy invasion, June 7, 1944 audio file

Battle of the Bulge
Guts and Glory--D-Day Invasion and the Battle of the Bulge
Battle of the Bulge
December 16, 1944 to January 25, 1945
Battle of the Bulge

The Cactus Air Force

Battle of Midway

Battle of Arnhem
Battle of Arnhem Audio and video describing the history of the battle in and around Arnhem in the Netherlands.

North African Campaign
North African Campaign

Pacific War
The History Place -World War II in the Pacific

Iwo Jima
Iwo Jima

1200 Days The Bataan Death March

Corregidor-Then and Now

Forgotten Battles of WWII

Star-rd.gif (874 bytes)The Home Front

Student Sites Teacher Sites
The Home Front 1939-1945 Britian
The Home Front in WWII
Manzanar:America's Concentration Camp
Japanese American Internment
The History of Japaenese American Internment
Oral Histories
Oral Histories
Dad's War
Oral Histories
Attic Box Project
The HomeFront

Star-rd.gif (874 bytes)Plans for Peace and the Atomic Bomb

Student Sites Teacher Sites
The Atomic ArchiveStar-rd.gif (874 bytes)
The Manhattan Project
Enola Gay
Paul Tibbits

50 Years from Trinity
Atomic Bomb:Documents
on the Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Periodic Table of Elements Used in Class (clickable for more info)
Periodic Table of Elements

Survivors Stories-Hiroshima
Mock Trial (Lesson Plans)
Nuclear File Archives (Lesson Plans)

Star-rd.gif (874 bytes)Personalities

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Harry Truman Thoughts of a President, Harry Truman

George S. Patton, jr.
Douglas McArthur
Dwight Eisenhower

Winston Churchill
Benito Mussolini
Adolph Hitler, Adolph Hitler

Biography Maker

Star-rd.gif (874 bytes)Literature

Student Sites Teacher Sites
Anne Frank: Her Life and Times
Anne Frank House
WWII As Seen Through Children's Literature (Lesson Plans)
Using Children’s Literature to Understand Working Women and Children During World War II (Lesson Plans)
Anne Frank Teacher's Workbook
Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

Star-rd.gif (874 bytes)Propaganda

Student Sites

Teacher Sites

World War II: Powers of Persuasion online exhibit from the National Archives of propaganda posters.
Get the Message
"Loose Lips Sink Ships"
World War II Poster Database
Propaganda--Online Lessons
Poster Girls of World War II
(Lesson Plans)

Star-rd.gif (874 bytes)Women in the War

Student Sites Teacher Sites
Women on the Front
Women Come to the Front
What Did You Do in the War Grandma?
Rosie the Riveter
Mary of the WACS a cutout paper doll book
WASP on the Web
Army Nurse Corps
Therese Bonney -- activity, Dorthea Lange --activity,
The Role of American Women in WWII

Star-rd.gif (874 bytes)Miscellaneous

Military Vehicles/Weapons
The Fuhrer's Directives in English
US Air Force Museum
Germany's WWII Weapons
Planes and Pilots of World War II
Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships
U Boat Bases
American Aircraft of WWII
Tanks of WWII
Luft '46
Classic WWII Aircraft Training Films
Memphis Belle

Sites mentioned in Mr Robert's lecture "Weapons of War"

WWII Movie Clips

Take a Virtual Tour of the B-17

Achtung Panzer

American Combat Aircraft of WWII

Navajo Code Talkers

Spitfire and Me Bf 10

Planes and Pilots of WWII

Decoding Nazi Secrets
Navajo Code Talkers
Secret Code Breakers
Codes and Ciphers in the Second World War

Pearl Harbor
Maps of WWII
Original WWII Maps
Treaty Of Versailles Maps
Escape and Evasion Maps:Wall Tiles and Free Parking

America from the Great Depression to World War II, Photographs from the FSA-OWI, 1935-1945 (Library of Congress)
War of Our Fathers:Relics of the Pacific Battlefield
US Troops in Action 1942-1945
African Americans in World War II

Tuskegee Airman
A Tribute to My Father
The Tuskegee Airman Unofficial Site

They Drew Fire: Combat Artists of World War II
World War II Navy Art: A Vision of War
Maps of World War II
Radio in 1941

Oral Histories
Dr. Hugh I Sherman, Jr.

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