Mogo Zoo

Mogo Zoo is a privately owned zoo situated 10km south of Batemans Bay in the picturesque and historic gold mining village of Mogo.

We are an organisation committed to the survival of endangered animals and provide world standard facilities for over 100 animals of more than 38 rare and exotic species, including the rare white lions of 'Timbavati'.

As an institutional member of ARAZPA (Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums), we work closely with all major Australasian zoos, cooperating in various Species Management Programs. We are also actively involved in many global breeding programs.

Mogo Zoo is a valuable tourism asset for the south coast. We attract visitors to the area, specifically to visit our zoo and media interest in our achievements continues to increase.

We aim to involve and to educate the public at large and offer our visitors an intimate, educational zoo experience.


Over 14 years ago Bill and Sally Padey, together with their small collection of buffalo, pheasants, peacocks, deer and kangaroo, began to welcome visitors to the then named 'Somerset Wildlife Sanctuary'. Their dream was to develop the Sanctuary into an animal park which made a difference to the conservation of threatened species and would maintain high standards of animal welfare.

Bill and Sally’s determination led them to Sydney’s Taronga Zoo where they completed training in the husbandry and management of carnivores and primates. This helped to secure the trust of major zoos and eventually surplus animals including pumas, servals and crabeater macaque monkeys were on exhibit at Mogo Zoo.

The Sanctuary was officially opened on 17 November 1991, and in 1992 the ‘Zoo at Mogo’, was renamed Mogo Zoo.

During the early years of establishment Bill and Sally’s drive to succeed was greatly supported by the local community. Individuals and businesses alike had great faith in them and believed in their vision to bring a successful zoo to the south coast.

Mogo Zoo has been recognised internationally through its conservation work with Resources Nepal regarding the red panda, and has also supported Indonesian zoos which house sumatran tigers.

In 1997 Mogo Zoo showed its compassion for all animals when it worked with the RSPCA to provide a magnificent new home for two jaguars and two tigers who had been acquired from a private collection.

A further testament to the zoo’s good work was seen when two snow leopard cubs were born at Mogo Zoo in 1999. Snow leopards are notoriously difficult to breed and these were the first to be born in the Australasian region for over a decade. In 2003 another two were born.

Mogo Zoo has caught the eye of local and regional media and we are now recognised as a major tourist attraction on the south coast of New South Wales.

In recognition of Mogo Zoo's outstanding achievements, the zoo was recently awarded the 2006 Regional Atrraction Award in the South Coast Awards for Excellence in Tourism.  Mogo Zoo was also the proud winner of this award in 2002, 2003 and 2005.

Planning continues for further expansion and our future holds many exciting developments.

Our Vision

To ensure the conservation of all endangered animals and their environment through a holistic approach to captive management and education.

Our Mission

To deliver the best possible care to animals exhibited in the zoo by providing excellence in dietary requirements, exhibit construction and husbandry skills.

To provide a sanctuary for displaced, endangered, exotic species due to the neglect and degradation of natural habitat.

To establish and maintain genetically viable and controlled regional and global breeding programs.

To offer our customers the best zoological experience by providing excellence in education, customer service and value for money.

Our Values

Commitment – Dedication – Professionalism - Caring


Mogo Zoo is non-government funded. Upkeep of animals and grounds is funded purely through admission charges, 'Wild Things' Gift Shop, 'Zoolicious' Cafe, Friends of Mogo Zoo Memberships and our Adopt An Animal program.

We rely greatly on corporate sponsorships to assist the zoo in meeting the financial costs of breeding programs, animal medication and maintaining high standards of health and nutrition.


Mogo Zoo currently employs 25 staff, including animal keepers, ground and maintenance staff, café staff and administration staff.

Volunteer Programs

Mogo Zoo acknowledges the excellent and ongoing support of the general public. Volunteers assist in ground maintenance, public relations, fruit/plant donations and so on.

Unfortunately Mogo Zoo CANNOT run programs whereby volunteers can interact or make contact directly with the animals.


Mogo Zoo is a founding member of:-
ARAZPA - Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums.


Winner - South Coast Awards for Excellence in Tourism 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2007.
- Best Regional Attraction