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There are those with desire and dedication to do more than just a "job". What we do is our passion and the result of this focus is unique experience with knowledge. That is what you will meet at IME Yachting, together with full service in all aspects of yacht design, naval architecture and yacht building.

For the past (18) years we have been highly valued and efficient team members as well as contributive individuals on many prestigious yacht projects. Visiting these pages you are invited to review our portfolio and consider those services which you necessitate:

  • Designers/naval architects to design new yacht or to do yacht refit-renovation studies.

  • Externally or internally "appointed" designers/naval architects for your yacht design office or shipyard.

  • Project management, Owner's representative, Production support, Engineering liaison.

  • Development of 3D virtual reality computer models for rendering or production needs.

  • To comply your project with EU directive, provide stability report, drawings & other required documentation.

We offer a complete range of design services from the conceptual design of your yacht through to detailed building plans and full production support. We have a flawless track record of engineering strong, lightweight yachts that are cost-effective to build, and above all, durable. We employ the best computer tools available in designing the technical aspects of the yacht, from laminate and structural analysis, to hull and appendage design. We combine this experience with an ongoing appreciation of current technologies to provide our clients with yachts that perform and function to the highest standards, that last, and above all, that are the eye-catching jewels that yachts are meant to be, the pride of their owners. Every custom design we do reflects her owner’s unique, personal view of life on the water.

The process begins with the creation of a preliminary set of drawings in which, through meetings, phone conversations, emails and multiple revisions, we try to "home in" your project. We also begin the all-important weight study at this point. The weight study allows us to begin detailing gear and insures that we can meet our design goals. Depending on the type of boat, we can do performance predictions using the VPP or hull resistance, performance predictions, range and fuel consumption estimates with different powerplants. 

At the end of the preliminary process, the client will have from us a set of plans that clearly define the boat and are sufficient to get bids from prospective builders.

We then build upon the preliminary drawings to produce the detailed build plans for the yacht. Most of our design & engineering work is done "in house". This allows us to keep the designs fully integrated in concept and practice, also it allows us to keep design costs within our control.

We welcome the opportunity to talk to anyone who may be planning a custom yacht or a production series. Perhaps you are also a boatbuilder with need of production or engineering support. We are qualified, flexible and motivated team, just feel free to give us a call!