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By: Dan Papia and Tim Law
Meet Eikichi Onizuka, a 22-year-old ex-biker. He's crude, foul-mouthed, and has a split-second temper. His unlikely goal: to be the Greatest High School Teacher in the World! Of course, the only reason he wants to be a teacher is so he can try and score with the hot students ...

Before he can become a full instructor, he's got to work as a student teacher to earn his credentials. Onizuka may think he's the toughest guy on campus, but when he meets his class full of bullies, blackmailers, and scheming sadists, he'll have to prove it.

GTO is one of the most popular manga in Japan, and has spawned a hit anime series as well as a live action drama. The final episode of the GTO TV series was the most watched televised event ever in Japan.

Creator Profile

By Tohru Fujisawa

Fujisawa-san made his manga debut in 1989 with 'Love You' in a magazine called Magazine (Magajin) FRESH January issue. His other works include 'Adesugata Junjo Boy,' 'Shonan Jun-ai Gumi,' and 'Bad Company.'

'GTO' made its appearance in 1997 in the Weekly Shonen Magazine, and the following year, Fujisawa-san was awarded the 22nd Kodansha Manga award for the series. A live-action GTO TV drama also began in 1998 and a live-action movie followed in 1999. The GTO TV anime began running in Japan in 2000.

Character Info

Eikichi Onizuka
A 22-year-old ex-biker, Onizuka's goal is to be the Greatest Teacher in the World ... and in the process meet a few cute coeds, too ...

Azusa Fuyutsuki
Japanese studies teacher at Holy Forest. She is Onizuka's love interest.

Miyabi Aizawa
One of Onizuka's students. She tries to make her teacher's life as miserable as possible.

Yoshito Kikuchi
Another of Onizuka's pupils. He is the class president and a computer genius.