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A.G.E. Crosslink Breakers and Alagebrium
Alagebrium (formerly ALT-711) is Alteon's lead clinical candidate for reversing the progressive stiffening of the cardiovascular system that ultimately results in systolic hypertension, diabetic cardiomyopathies, congestive heart failure and other disorders. It is one of many proprietary A.G.E. Crosslink Breakers that function unlike any previously developed pharmaceutical agent to reverse the disease states associated with age (or diabetes)-related stiffening of vessels, tissues and organs. Alagebrium, the only A.G.E. Crosslink Breaker in advanced human clinical testing, has demonstrated safety and efficacy in several Phase 2 trials and is actively being developed for systolic hypertension and heart failure. Alagebrium also has completed a series of single and multi-dose Phase 1 safety studies in man. Approximately 800 patients have received alagebrium treatment as part of the clinical development program to date, and the drug continues to exhibit a clean safety profile (see alagebrium).

Alteon has discovered 17 distinct chemical classes of A.G.E. Crosslink Breakers, comprising a library of 650 compounds. With this new technology platform, the possibility exists to reverse tissue damage caused by aging and diabetes.

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