HPG re-engaged
Posted by Warder, Dec. 11 2006,23:17 3 Comments, View Post)

We had a bit of a domain issue. As in it ended but they didn't warn me before shutting us off then I had to root around until I found the account info to renew.

But we're up and running for another year.


Happy Birthday
Posted by Fang, Nov. 03 2006,12:33 2 Comments, View Post)

Happy Birthday o' little brother of mine!  I'll give you your birthday beating during the Thanksgiving holiday when we're visiting Mom.  I hope everything is going well with your baby girl and I'll see you soon. :)

Newest MechWarrior of the RTG
Posted by Warder, July 16 2006,19:54 5 Comments, View Post)

Greetings Fellow MechWarriors and esteemed visitors -

After service as a cadet in a number of practices and actual battles along side his time and effort in researching new designs for the VnR league the command staff is proud to promote cadet Fury to full MechWarrior status.

Three cheers for Fury. Welcome to full active status.

And the best part is he's older than me (huzzah!) and doesn't drink (more beer for the rest of us).  

New Candidate - =Venom=
Posted by RacerX, May 17 2006,10:02 11 Comments, View Post)

I would like to take a moment in welcoming a new candidate to our boards.  =Venom= has filled out an application and is awaiting approval to our academy.  In the mean time I have welcomed Venom into our forums so he can see what the team is all about.  An official announcement concerning his academy status will be posted later.

New VnR Variants
Posted by Warder, Mar. 05 2006,18:09 0 Comments, View Post)

These are available at the VnR site, League Dossier, Downloads. The 3.02a Cycle Two link.

For wanderers by: these variants will work in open servers but a few have some cross tech. They are not generally the best firepower possible but a blend of armor, speed, and firepower for league balance. Anyone can download them to see what we cooked up - you need not be a forum member of the VnR league.


Promotions Post
Posted by Warder, Feb. 23 2006,13:12 7 Comments, View Post)

We ended up running them as a batch as we got behind. However all those lisetd below have earned their rank increase through a combination of support for their unit over time and contribution in the VnR league.

By highest down:

Warder (General), RacerX (Colonel), Fang (Major), Julian (LT SG 1), Niteflyer (LT SG 1), Killian (Captain 2), Animosity (LT JG 2), Baon (LT JG 2), Dustin (WO 4), Demotheus (Cadet), Fury (Cadet).

Congradulations to all
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