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DCC Tips on the WWW

Digitrax information on installing their decoders in locomotives, wiring their universal panels, and using their equipment with other DCC systems.

Digitrax information on wiring their LocoNet, layout wiring, block occupancy, and throttle keep-alive.

Don Crano's DCC DCC tips and projects.

Litchfield Station's "DCC University" DCC information and system comparisons.

Subscribe to Ndcc  Ndcc is another excellent forum where you can ask questions or just soak up the responses to other people's questions.  This forum specifically addresses the needs of N scale DCC model railroaders.  If you are not modeling N scale, you will still find much of the dialog pertains to all scale modelers. Numerous circuits useful to the model railroader

Tony's Train Exchange     Has tips and comparisons on most of the manufacturers.

Tried and True Trains has links to various DCC tips.

Wayne Roderick's DCC, Decoder installation, detectors, and other railroading electronic tips.

My Manufacturer's Links Be sure to check out the manufacturer's websites. They contain a lot of great information! Also check out my "do-it-yourself" links especially for those who want to build their own DCC system.

Wiring For DCC Q&A Forum

Ask your DCC questions here!

Questions are answered by numerous individuals sometimes giving you several perspectives to your question! 

Welcome to the all-new forum! The Wiring For DCC Q&A Forum has moved to a Yahoo! Group. The old forum was difficult to keep organized. So we thought it was best to start anew. Click on the link above and start asking your questions!

The entire DCC community appreciate the efforts of all who help answer the questions of others needing help with DCCin our Q&A Forum!

Interested in Helping Other Modelers With DCC?

If you know about DCC and would like to help others, please join our forum. This is a no nonsense place for modelers to ask their DCC questions. The forum is held on topic. Questions are asked. Questions are answered. No flames. As such, modelers can ask their question without being jumped on and your mailbox doesn't fill up with a bunch of junk. Please go to the forum and start monitoring it.. You can always unjoin. Thank you for helping others!

Did you know that when you are helping others and want to refer to my website, that you can point a person directly to a specific topic? You can, in four easy steps. I have included instructions on how to do this. To get to these instructions, go to the DCC Topics page and scroll down to the section asking if you are interested in helping others. Clicking on the link provided will take you to the section discussing the four easy steps. You can also click on any button that says Q&A Forum. It will take you to the same place. And as always, you can use the site index to find the topic.

For easy reference, here are the instructions:

Do you want to be able to point someone to a specific place in this website? You can. Every topic in this website has a pointer to it. Here’s how to access them.

1. Go to the webpage that you are interested in. Find the topic you want to send someone to. Find the short cut in the red menu on the right.

2. Click on the short cut. This will do two things. It will take you back to the topic you are interested in AND it will display the URL for that topic in the address bar at the top of your browser.

3. Highlight the URL in the address bar. Then hold down the control key and press the letter “c”. This will copy the URL of the topic onto your clipboard.

4. Go to the email you want to send someone. Click where you want to put the URL. Hold down the control key and press the letter “v”. This will paste the URL into your email.


Thank you all for helping answer the questions on this forum!



INFORMATION #9-1:  The DCC SIG is a Lively Forum to Ask DCC Questions.

Or read the answers to other people's questions.  You can join in on the conversation or just read what others have to say.  I'm only one person, so I don't know all the answers to all your questions.  Give this group a try.  There are a lot of knowledgeable people that are a part of this group.

To subscribe:

1)  Send an email to:

2)  Leave subject line blank.  It will be ignored if you put anything there.

3)  In your message enter:  Subscribe DCCSIG  <Your Name:  First MI Last>

After you have subscribed, To Send a Message to The Group:

1)  Send an email to:  DCCSIG-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU

For more info on the DCC SIG:

Chat Lists

The owners of the databases maintaining the chat lists have been sold twice. As of this writing, Yahoo had acquired them. Furthermore, I suspect they come and go. Therefore, I simply suggest you find out who has the most popular chat list system going, currently Yahoo, search for DCC, nDCC, or your favorite manufacturer (I know thetr atr active oned going for Digitrax and NCE) and sign yourself up.

Note: The above forum is different than the chat lists and special interest groups. In an effort to keep opinions down and factual information up, as well as a non-intimidating environment for you, the DCC Q&A Forum is intentionally not chatty. Ask a question. You get an answer. A number of great people support the Q&A Forum.

Still, we don't always have an answer for every question asked, and, if you do want a heavy dialog about what is going on with your favorite manufacturer that is up to the moment, then you definitely should get on the chat lists. Intimidated? Nobody says you have to say anything. You can sit in the background reading a daily summary of the day's discussions. You will learn a lot and no one will know you are out there. Just be sure you can trust that the person doing the writing knows what they are talking about.

Have a question about a specific product?

Don't forget the obvious. If you have a question about a specific product, especially if it is one you are considering buying and need more information, contact the manufacturer or a store that specializes in DCC. Telling you about the product is partially what you are paying for when you buy something from them. They deal with the product everyday.

Also, check out the chat groups that are specific to that manufacturer.

You are welcome to ask your question on the DCC Q&A forum. There are so many great products out there, it is hard for us to know about them all. The Q&A forum and this web site is just a hobby, so we are not exposed to all the products.

Always check with your equipment's manufacturer for the latest in the advice they have to offer! See my manufacturer's links.

I occasionally scan the web for wiring advice by the other manufacturer's.  If someone has advice out there that I don't know about, please let me know about it.  Thanks!  writeme.htm

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